Still what are you waiting for, Mr PM?

Still what are you waiting for, Mr PM?

The venom spitting speech of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in the General Assembly of the United Nations has undoubtedly exposed the sinister designs of not only Pakistan but the entire fanatic community of Islam.

The venom spitting speech of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in the General Assembly of the United Nations has undoubtedly exposed the sinister designs of not only Pakistan but the entire fanatic community of Islam.

But sadly, though the brilliant rejoinder from India, going by the claps it evoked from the member countries, is nowhere near the response to Imran Khan's outbursts of Jehad and baseless allegations of Muslim persecution in India in general and in Kashmir in particular.

Let us not keep our ears and eyes shut towards these visible reactions particularly from the Muslim countries. Prior to the talks of Jehad by Pakistan, the only supporter to Pakistan was China.

Now within a week's time from the Imran Khan's address to the United Nations, at least two Muslim countries, namely Turkey and Malaysia, have openly extended their support to Pakistan. It would be no surprise if in the days to come, many more Muslim countries jump on the bandwagon of Jihadi Pakistan!

Further, we have no reason to rejoice the closed-door confabulations between the Pak Army Chief General Bajwa and the captains of business and industry, because even assuming that there would be a change of guard, the change for India would be for the worse.

More hardcore fanatic leader, may be general Bajwa himself, may replace the present Prime Ministerial incumbent.

At home, despite appreciable intentions and efficient efforts to control the volatile situation in Kashmir valley after abrogation of Article 370 and Article 35-A of the Constitution of India, the terrorists from across the borders and from within are just waiting for a chance to indulge in Imran- preached 'bloodshed' and nuclear holocaust.

Some of the opposition parties, including the so-called secular national parties, crass communal parties wedded to the philosophy of Islamic fanaticism and the most vocal splinter groups like those demanding 'Azadi' for Kashmir besides vowing for the tukde-tukde of the country, are ever ready to add fuel to the fire.

Therefore, before it is too late, let the might of the Indian government and the Parliament take stock of the burning situation seriously and pragmatically and take proactively strong action against the enemy country called, Pakistan, and its overt and covert supporters within India.

One such measures could be making some of the directive principles of the Constitution, more particularly those concerning the duties of citizens, 'mandatory' and binding to all citizens of the country.

Initially, an amendment to this effect could be brought about by an Ordinance which in due course can be enacted as the Constitutional Amendment subsequently.

The policy of 'goody-goody' talks and extending the kids glove response to the terror supporting persons and groups and offering them huge incentives both in cash and kind, have so far not yielded the desired results.

That is why this soft policy of offering goodies at the cost of millions of other citizens, too needs a fresh look. The need of the hour is to take the holistic view of the scenario and certainly not to care about the world opinion, particularly of the countries following the fanatic diktats of Jehad and war mongering at the instance of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Hope, our Prime Minister reads this message loud and clear and changes immediately the gears from the global community to our own country, for international accolades are of lesser importance than saving the country from internally aided external aggression. Needless to remind the strong Prime Minister as he is, that this is his Constitutional duty too!

Husband liable to pay wife's delivery expenses: HC

Justice Alok Aradhe of the Karnataka High Court recently set aside a family court order which refused delivery expenses to a woman from her estranged husband and observed: "The impugned order is cryptic and suffers from vice of non-application of mind."

Earlier, the family court of Bengaluru in Shahista Sultana vs. Shakeel Pasha, had rejected the application of wife on the ground that "it is her first delivery, it is the duty of the (woman's) parents to bear the expenses as per customs in all communities."

While setting aside the order of the family court, the High Court directed the family court to decide afresh the application made by the woman in three-week time of receiving the order after affording an opportunity of hearing."

Remedy for victim against acquittal is appeal: HC

The Chhattisgarh High Court has recently reiterated that a revision petition is not maintainable where appeal under Section 372 of CrPC lies against the acquittal of the accused.

A complaint under Section 294 of IPC (indulging in obscene acts in public) was filed by Dr Pawan Kumar Tiwari against some professors of an educational institution who allegedly had entered his room and abused him.

The batch of revision petitions emanated from a common judgement passed by the Additional Sessions Judge whereby the order of conviction passed by the Judicial Magistrate, First Class was set aside, and the

accused respondents were acquitted.

The High Court placed reliance on Supreme Court's verdict in Mallikarjuna Kodagali (died) Rep by LRs Vs State of Karnataka & Ors (2019) 2 SCC 752 wherein it was held that "on the basis of the plain language of the law and also as interpreted by several High Courts and in addition to the resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations , it is quite clear to us that a victim as defined in Section 2 (wa) of the CrPC would be entitled to file an appeal before the Court to which an appeal ordinarily lies against the order of conviction."

Don't demolish Secretariat building for now: TSHC

The Telangana High Court on October 1 restrained the Telangana State government from demolishing the buildings in the Secretariat at Saifabad in the city, until it disposes a batch of PILs before it.

However, the court agreed to the State government's plea for the early hearing of the PILs as most of the Departments were already shifted from the old building of Secretariat and the government was ready to go ahead with the demolition of it and construction of the new building. The matter will now come up after the Dasara vacation which ends on October 13.

Breaking rock into small pieces, not a manufacturing activity: SC

The apex court in the judgement concerning K H Nazar vs Mathew K Jacob & Ors recently observed: "Breaking of rocks into small pieces of stone, according to us, is not a manufacturing activity. For this view, we seek support from a judgment of this court in Rajasthan SEB vs Associated Stone Industries.

It was held in the said judgment that cutting and polishing stones into slabs is not a process of manufacture for the obvious and simple reason that no new and distinct commercial product came into existence as the end product still remained stone, and thus its original identity continued."

A division bench comprising Justice L Nageswara Rao and Justice Hemant Gupta dismissing the appeal against the Kerala High Court's Judgement, disagreed with the opinion of the dissenting judge that the expression 'commercial site' should be attributed its natural and original meaning and upheld the view of the majority that exemption of quarries by the government under Section 81(3) would not arise if quarries are covered by Sec 81(1)(q) of the Kerala Land Reforms Act, 1963.

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