Watch The Viral Video Of A Woman Wearing Bikini Into Crowded Delhi Bus

Watch The Viral Video Of A  Woman Wearing Bikini Into Crowded Delhi Bus

  • A video of a woman wearing a bikini on a crowded bus in Delhi has sparked debates online, with some criticizing her attire and others defending her right to choose.
  • The viral clip has garnered mixed reactions from social media users, prompting discussions on societal norms and individual freedom.

A video capturing a woman clad in a bikini boarding a crowded bus in Delhi has ignited discussions across social media platforms. The footage, depicting varied reactions from fellow passengers ranging from surprise to indifference, has garnered mixed responses online. While some criticize the choice of attire for public transport, others advocate for the woman's freedom to dress as she pleases.

The viral video first surfaced on X, showing the woman in the bikini stepping onto the bus, prompting a nearby female passenger to relocate. Subsequently, another passenger opts to vacate their seat, visibly uncomfortable with the situation. Watch the viral video:

However, the authenticity of the viral video could not be independently verified by NDTV.

Since its online circulation, the video has amassed thousands of views on X, triggering diverse reactions from internet users. While some condemn the woman's attire, others express solidarity with her. Many are now pondering over potential measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

One X user humorously suggested, "Maybe she was trying to follow the 'get ready with me' trend on the bus."

Expressing bewilderment, another X user questioned, "Why? What the heck is this?"

Asserting the woman's right to autonomy over her body, a third user argued, "It is her body and her choice. Leave her alone."

Conveying fatigue with such incidents, a fourth user lamented, "That's it, I have seen everything on X. It's exhausting."

Commenting on the lack of civic sense, a fifth user remarked, "I am sick of this. No civic sense."

As of now, there has been no official response from the authorities regarding the incident.

Meanwhile, a similar occurrence was observed in the Delhi Metro, where a woman was spotted wearing a bra and a miniskirt. This incident also triggered debates online, with some questioning her bold fashion choices while others speculated about her inspiration from fashion influencer Uorfi Javed.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) subsequently issued a statement urging commuters to adhere to "social etiquette and protocols that are acceptable in society."

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