'Eyelashes' has Grown in an Italian Woman's Mouth, Doctors said PCOS is the Reason

Eyelashes has Grown in an Italian Womans Mouth, Doctors said PCOS is the Reason

Gingival hirsutismhas been diagnosed in an Italian woman’s mouth; it has happened first timein the medical history.

An Italian woman who has been diagnosed with gingival hirsutism, is 25-year-old and she has eyelash like hair growing in her mouth.

This woman has remains unidentified and she has taken medical help 10 years ago for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). So, doctors believing that this situation is happened with the lady because of PCOS.

This kind of thing has happened first time in the medical history in which a woman has been diagnosed with gingival hirsutism. However,in the past five men have been reported with the same condition as per the report that has been published in Daily Mail.

University of Campania Luigi Vanvitellihas conducted a research in Italy, in which the report cited has revealed that the woman had sought help a decade ago.

As per the test reports of that time she was having abnormally high levels of testosterone and numerous cysts in her ovaries and that is when she was diagnosed with PCOS.

For the people who don't know, PCOS is known to cause excess hair growth.

As per reports, Birth control pills help in relieving these symptoms and it has also worked for the Italian woman for six years. However,after that she has stopped taking them for unknown reasons.

So. It became serious and her gingival hirsutism came back more severe and the medical team has removed her hair. But, they, have also took out a small section of tissue from her gum to examine it for further treatment, the report revealed.

The mucosal tissues which are inside the mouth of a person are closely related to the tissues that build the skin because they are also derived from the same place when we are an embryo.So, it is totally possible, that the oral space ends up with hair and oil-producing cells, as per the researchers.

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