Deputy Superintendent of Police S Manohar Rao, performing a magic show
Deputy Superintendent of Police S Manohar Rao, performing a magic show

Rajamahendravaram: By profession, he is a police officer but his hobby is to enthrall people with magic shows. S Manohar Rao, working as Deputy Superintendent of Police (Government Railway Police), was recognised as 'stick Manohar' across the country, who proved his talent as magician in many state, national and international magic shows.

Manohar was inspired with street magic plays at the age of 6, and slowly developed interest in magic and mastered it. By the time of his school and college days he used to give magic shows. So far, Manohar presented about 6,000 shows across the country.

His name was recorded in Guinness Book of World Records in the year 2017 for his magic show performed on December 16, 2016 at Hyderabad with 1,500 students at a time and the show completed in 45 minutes. He is the only magician in the country who performed the biggest solo show.

His name was also figured in Everest World Records, Miracle World Records, Telugu Book of World Records, Book of State Records, Wonder Book of Records, India Book of Records, Hirange Book of Records, Creative Records, Marvellous World Records and Golden Book of World Records.

He bagged national-level third prize in the magic competitions held in Panaji in the year 2002 and was honoured with the title ‘Stick Manohar’ because of his tricks using sticks, in which 500 people participated. Manohar also won national-level first prize in magic competitions held in May 2004 held at Srihi Road in Rajastan state.

Now, the police magician has been doing PhD in magic from Nagarjuna University. He penned many books on magic and acted as judge at many magic competitions.  He was born in the cultural capacity in the year 1961 and joined in police department in the year 1995. Speaking to ‘The Hans India’, Manohar underlined the need of government support to magician fraternity by giving train and bus tickets on concession.

Magic should also be incorporated in the academic curriculum he added. Through magic all impossibilities can be seen as possibilities. Magic, is based on Science, Chemistry, Physics as well as Mathematics. It is all a part and parcel of the illusionary concept, he concluded.