YS Jagan Vs Pawan Kalyan: Who will win farmers' confidence?

YS Jagan Vs Pawan Kalyan: Who will win farmers confidence?

YS Jagan Vs Pawan Kalyan: Who Will Win Farmers\' Confidence?. YS Jagan, YSR Congress party chief was in the AP capital region yesterday to emphasis with the farmers\' situation.

YS Jagan and Pawan Kalyan-Clash of the titans

Scene 1: YS Jagan, YSR Congress party chief was in the AP capital region yesterday to emphasis with the farmers' situation. It's a known fact that several farmers are in a state of confusion as they are unable to decide over parting with their lands which have been a source of income for them over the years. While a few have willingly parted with their lands, many are still showing resistance. It is at this juncture that they sought the help of YS Jagan to be their mouthpiece against Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu who is Jagan's bitter enemy on the political scene.

Scene two: After repeated attempted by representatives of AP government to woo farmers failed, Chandrababu had no choice but to send an emissary-who's both famous and convincing-Pawan Kalyan. Remember the Jana Sena founder's oratory skills during the party launch? Now, Pawan has been entrusted with the responsibility of wooing the farmers to part with their lands.

This is the first time, two powerful leaders with equal charisma will be seen fighting for and against a government (read AP govt). The million dollar question is who will win this battle?

On Wednesday Jagan was accorded a red carpet welcome by all the farmers who are against Chandrababu's plan to convert their fertile lands into a concrete jungle. On the other hand, Jagan too assured his full support to the families and vowed to give back the lands which were 'mercilessly' snatched away by the government.

Tomorrow, Pawan Kalyan will tour several regions around the would-be AP capital region-Undavalli, Gannavaram, Yerrabalem and Thulluru. Now, it remains to be seen if Pawan can convince the farmers to give away their lands in return for a bountiful of goodies. While KCR is thinking skyscrapers and multi-level flyovers in the Telangana capital Hyderabad, Chandrababu too is competing to create a world class capital with help from Japanese and Singapore who have promised to lend their expertise to fulfill his dream. Besides, Babu is leaving no opportunity to talk about his achievments as he boasts about his past governance all the time. Wherever he goes, you hear Chandrababu claim that it was because of him Hyderabad is so developed today.

Now the AP CM is pinning all hopes on Pawan Kalyan as a last ditch effort to woo the farmers. Let's see if Pawan has a better convincing capacity while compared to Jagan who's asking farmers not to part with their land which has fed them all these years.

So, who will it be? YS Jagan or Pawan? Share your views.

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