world milk day 2016
world milk day 2016

Tirupati: It was dairy which was providing livelihood to majority of the people in the drought prone Chittoor district said Professor Y Kotilinga Reddy at College of Dairy Technology (CDT). He was speaking at a programme organised by CDT here on Wednesday, on the occasion of the World Milk Day.

DIG M Kantha Rao calls on students to promote milk consumption for the benefit of dairy farmers

Reddy said that with the agriculture turned undependable due to vagaries of nature, it was dairy which came to the rescue of score of poor small and marginal farmers in Chittoor district. “With milk production increased to 24 lakh litres daily in the district now the dairy turned a boon to the poor for living in the district,” he said portending bright future for the dairy farmers with the demand for milk and milk products particularly ghee  more so cow ghee soaring.

CDT on its part, he said embarked on a massive training programme for rural woman in value addition of milk and so far 1,500 women from various mandals were trained in making milk based products like flavored milk, lassi, rasamalai, rasgulla, doodh peda, kulfi, Basundi etc. which saw many farmers families increase their revenue.

In this connection, he wanted the government to develop the Bulk Milk Centres (BMCs) as training-cum-manufacturing centres for value addition of milk for the benefit of rural people. Reddy said that with an investment of just Rs 7 lakh, BMCs based in the mandals could be made as a centre of training for producing milk based products for the benefit of poor families.

Red Sanders Anti-Smuggling Task Force head and DIG M Kantha Rao, who is alumni of Sri Venkateswara Veterinary College, called on the CDT students to promote milk consumption for the benefit of dairy farmers.