3 sub-stations to be removed for development works


The Krishna district administration is putting pressure on the officials of the SPDCL to remove three sub-stations located in three

- Krishna district administration not sanctioning alternative site to SPDCL
- SPDCL officials in a fix on re-installation of sub-stations

Vijayawada: The Krishna district administration is putting pressure on the officials of the SPDCL to remove three sub-stations located in three important areas of the city and also instructed the officials to halt the construction of sub-station works on the Ryves canal bund near Alankar. These sub-stations are very important to the thousands of families, shops, educational institutions and Government offices. The irony is the district administration is not allocating alternative site for installation of sub-stations.

Sub-station located on the Gandhi hill near the Railway station west booking office is very important for the residents of one town. Thousands of homes, shops, educational institutions, offices are depending on the services of the Sub-station.

To widen the Nehru road (Railway station road) from Railway station to K Market, the district administration instructed the SPDCL to remove the sub-station prior to Krishna Pushkaralu. Removal of services and reconnecting to the poles and homes is not an easy task, said a senior officer of the SPDCL.

Road-widening is essential for the development of city. But, the SPDCL staff should be given sufficient time to change the power lines, installation of new machinery, poles etc. Unfortunately, this is not happening in Vijayawada.

Instructions were also issued to remove another sub-station near the State Guest House. The sub-station is very useful to the Government offices, homes, commercial shops, hotels, hospitals etc. Finding suitable alternative site for installation of sub-station is not an easy task in the heart of the city.

The sub-station’s site will be given to a corporate company for construction of Vijayawada Square. A mega entertainment park will be constructed at Swarajya Maidan. The sub-station site will be allotted to the entertainment park.

The district officials are also putting pressure for the removal of sub-station near the Rajiv Gandhi Park for widening of the national highway. The SPDCL has to find alternative land for installation of sub-station at other place. It will take many weeks or months to give new connections after installation of new sub-station.

The district officials also instructed the SPDCL to stop the construction of the sub-station on Ryves canal bund. Again, the SPDCL has to search for alternative site. Land prices are very high in Vijayawada compared to other cities of the State. In this backdrop, the department has to invest huge amounts of money to buy land for installation of sub-stations. Moreover, thousands of consumers will suffer due to interruption caused while changing power lines.

Consumers are alleging that the district administration is taking wrong decisions like removing the existing sub-stations. After the city is accorded temporary capital status, it is the responsibility of the government to install more sub-stations to cater to the needs of the power consumers. Instead of strengthening the power distribution system, the district administration is weakening it by asking the SPDCL to remove the existing sub-stations.

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