Municipal minister 
P Narayana inspecting a Maglev coach 
in China on Thursday
Municipal minister P Narayana inspecting a Maglev coach in China on Thursday

Amaravati: As part of introducing the best mode of modern transport system in the capital Amaravati and Visakhapatnam the state government is studying the alternatives for metro rail network, which is facing hurdles in implementation in the newly formed state. 

The team headed by Municipal Administration minister P Narayana as part of its three day tour of Malaysia and China has visited Changsha and Suzhou cities on Thursday and observed the public transport system in these cities.

 In Changsha city, the newly introduced low speed Magnetically Levitated (Maglev) train system was observed by the AP team by travelling in it. The Maglev train which runs 8 mm in the air, above the track with electro magnetism force, will have three compartments. Another speciality of the train is it runs without any noise and vibrations. 

After having personal experience of the train journey, the team visited the manufacturing unit of the Maglev train and watched a PowerPoint presentation given by the Chinese company. According to Chinese publicly traded rolling stock manufacturer   officials the Maglev train can reach maximum speed of 100 kms in an hour carrying about 365 passengers. 

According to the Minister, the newly introduced Maglev train system in China will be the best alternative to Metro rail system in our state, which is more suitable and modern public transport system for Amaravati and Vizag.  We will study for introducing this transport system in our state in PPP mode, he said.