Andhra Pradesh Innovative Society a ray of hope for youth
Andhra Pradesh Innovative Society a ray of hope for youth

Visakhapatnam: Andhra Pradesh Innovative Society (APIS), a house to provide guidance through incubation centres and help in commercialisation of ideas of start-ups through product development, market research and exposure, is inviting budding entrepreneurs to kick-start their brainchild projects. 


  • Minister for IT N Lokesh is keen and regularly reviewing the progress of the society in all dimensions 
  • The Andhra Pradesh Innovative Society (APIS) is striving to create a world class technology start-up ecosystem by fostering entrepreneurship and a culture of innovation 
  • Enthusiastic youth, who wish to become entrepreneurs, have to register their names and details through APIS website 
  • The APIS is working to generate one entrepreneur from each family in the state 
  • It contributes to increase knowledge, wealth and employment, says Chief Executive Officer of APIS V Valli Kumari
  • The management will provide free office accommodation in the incubation centres
The APIS has been leading the three incubation centres at Visakhapatnam, Kakinada and Anantapur and an accelerator centre in Tirupati and providing most sophisticated office accommodation with excellent facilities for the young entrepreneurs for commercialisation of their ideas and plans. The APIS has providing help to the young entrepreneurs, including technical, marketing and business-related strategies, by arranging interaction with the experts of the respective fields.

In fact, the state government established the four houses to provide plug and play facilities to the young entrepreneurs in the name of the start-up villages. Later, the start-up villages have been developed with more advanced facilities and handed over to the newly set up Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society.

"To create a world class technology start-up ecosystem by fostering entrepreneurship and a culture of innovation, which contribute to increase knowledge, wealth and employment, the society is working. Minister for IT N Lokesh is keen and regularly reviewing the progress of the society in all dimensions.

 The APIS is working to generate one entrepreneur from each family in the state. It is a one-stop for all services providiedby the government and one can come and plug and play their ideas,” said Chief Executive Officer of APIS V Valli Kumari.The enthusiastic youth, who wish to become entrepreneurs, have to register their name and details through APIS website.

 The management will provide free office accommodation in the incubation centres. The centres have been fully equipped with all necessary office automation. The APIS will provide a place and system with high speed internet connectivity. The management will also interact with the entrepreneur and to filter his/her bottleneck problems to give a final shape to the unit.

Once the start-up units successfully completed their exercises, they can utilise another level of free service at the accelerator centre located in Tirupati. The entrepreneur can avail all the advanced facilities for their commercialisation of products and services born at the incubation centres.

The centre is also having exclusive meeting rooms to discuss and review their activities. The APIS is also arranging interaction sessions with the experts of the respective fields.

“There is a visible change in the mindset of the educated youth. Instead of the forcing their children to search for jobs, the parents are also encouraging them to become entrepreneurs. Setting up of office with all necessary facilities has become a biggest hurdle to the talented entrepreneurs. The APIS is giving the launch support to that GenNext,” Valli Kumar added.
For more information one can log in www. apinnovationsociety. com and can contact sending mails to this Id: [email protected]

By VKL Gayatri