Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham addressing Balija Aatmeeya Sammelanam in Tirupati on Saturday
Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham addressing Balija Aatmeeya Sammelanam in Tirupati on Saturday

Tirupati: Leader for Kapu reservation and former minister Mudragada Padmanabham has stated that all political parties have to fight unitedly to achieve Special status to AP.  ``People in our neighbouring states, TamilNadu and Telangana, had fought unitedly for their rights and they achieved their demands from the Central Government. 

 The Kapu leader says Kapu community will participate in the struggle for Special Status to AP

Our political leaders also should come under one platform   to fight for AP Special status.In fact, fight against the Central government is possible with Chief Minister N Chandrababu only. My humble request to Chief Minister is that he should come forward to fight for State Special Status,” said.

Mudragada has participated in a locally arranged ``Balija Aathmiya Sammelanam” at a private KalyanaMandapam on Saturday.  Addressing the community people, Mudragada said, ``on behalf of Kapu, Balija and Telagacommunities, we have fixed deadline for implementation of Kapu Reservationon March 31.  

If the government fails to implement reservation, Kapu community will come on roads to fight for achieving our rights.  

“With the implementation of reservations to Kapu community, other castes in BCs should not be affected. We will always support the BC community people to get their benefits. We have appealed to state government that Kapu, Balija, Telaga castes be categorised as BC-F category,‘’ said Mudragada.  
“Film star Pawan Kalyan capacity is not enough to fight for AP Special status at Central Government, Chief Minister should involve in Joint Action Committee agitations without hesitation,’’ the Kapu leader suggested. 

“Chandrababu Naidu, during last elections, had asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for 15 years Special status to AP. Later, he (the CM) had forgotten the demand and satisfied with special package,’’ the Kapu leader recalled.

“Presently, a dispute is going on between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu. At this juncture, we do not have enough capacity to settle the quarrel. If the Chief Minister was sincere in his fight, he could have achieved the special status long back,’’ he said.

Mudragada met the, Congress, YSRC, BJP Balija community leaders and discussed community problems. 

But, TDP affiliated Balija community leaders did not attend the meeting. 
Pokala Ashok Kumar, Sindhuri Park Venkaiah ,AkulaRamakrishan, Akula Sathish, NinaruSirnivasulu and other leaders participated. Later Mudragada went to Bhakarapeta, Piler and Madanapalle to meet the Balija community leaders as part of his state level tour.