Salon kitty parties now becomes a new rage

Salon kitty parties now becomes a new rage

Salon Kitty Parties Now Becomes A New Rage. Geetan Said That Having A Spa Or Beauty Therapy Based Kitty Allows One To Multitask - As They Can Socialize And At The Same Time Pamper Themselves.

New Delhi: The pre-conceived notion of a kitty party to be about bored housewives gathered at the neighbourhood club or restaurant playing cards and gossiping over lunch is a thing of the past.

Salon Kitty Parties Now Becomes A New RageAs new-age kitty parties are becoming more innovative and ingenious with in-salon kitty parties becoming a new rage.

Monsoon Salon and Spa recently hosted a customized bouquet of therapies including massages, pedicures and nail art sessions for Geetan Sethi and her 20 guests.

Geetan said that having a spa or beauty therapy based kitty allows one to multitask - as they can socialize and at the same time pamper themselves.

Rod Anker, creative director of Monsoon Salon and Spa said that the services can be easily customized as per the specific budget and requirements, insisting that their deals are delightfully pleasing.

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