‘BHK [email protected]’, directed by Rakesh Chaturvedi ‘Om’ is a film with ‘actors’ and not ‘stars’, and largely succeeds in narrating a good story in a light-hearted and funny manner.
The story of the film revolves around the importance and difficulty of buying a house in a metropolitan city like Mumbai. How a house is even a crucial factor regarding marriages, highlights how important a component it is. The story traces the life of Pawan Bhalla (Ujjwal Rana), who falls in love with the daughter of a rich businessman. But this lands him in a dilemma when he is asked to buy a house in Mumbai within a month to get the father’s permission to marry. 

He colludes with builder Lovely bhai (Manoj Pahwa) to arrange for a flat, but that deal is looked at with suspicion by Lovely bhai’s wife and the father, and both send their detectives to unearth the truth. This leads to mistaken identities, fake identities and a flurry of lies all over, creating hilarious situations.
The narrative style of the film is extremely simple and not complex, which works in favour of the film. There is no forced humour and no ‘attempt’ to make the audiences laugh. And it’s not a slapstick comedy, but rather works as a comic entertainer. 

Just as we see adult comedies like ‘Kya Kool Hain Hum 3’ and ‘Mastizaade’ hitting the screens recently, ‘BHK [email protected]’ is exactly the opposite of it. There are no double meaning dialogues, vulgar or cheap humour, as the film relies more on situational comedy. 
But the standout point of the film definitely is the performances of the actors, which has taken the film onto another level. Most of the actors in the film are experienced theatre actors and that shows in their performances.All the actors have given their 100 per cent for the film. Ujjwal Rana’s performance and the bittersweet chemistry between real-life couple Manoj and Seema Pahwa is also very good.
The music composed by Rahul Mishra is good and especially the song’ Phalooda’ by Tochi Raina stands out. The romantic song, ‘Aa Ja Mahi Ve’ showcases the vast range of the composer.
The loophole for the film though is the mindset of the audience nowadays that enjoys adult comedies more than clean family comedies. This makes it a challenge for the film to attract audiences to the theatres. Lack of star power is another hurdle, so the makers will be hoping that a positive word-of-mouth does wonders for the film.Overall, the film is worth a watch especially for people who are fans of clean family entertainers.


Rating: 3.50