Tearing oil price – Ache din over for the present Government

Tearing oil price – Ache din over for the present Government

The oil price has touched all time high.  Farm sector is breathing its last.  Unemployment crisis is questioning the very purpose of birth, education and existing of the youths…. What more the New India has to witness?    

The oil price has touched all time high. Farm sector is breathing its last. Unemployment crisis is questioning the very purpose of birth, education and existing of the youths…. What more the New India has to witness?

Probably we must accept all these as part of ache din and sab ka vikas package of the present government. Politicians are known to politicize everything for vote. The people of India also must consider every burning issue before they march to polling booth. No political party in the recent times and no leader have given such tall promises to people like BJP and Modiji.

Ache din made by Modiji with such sky touching oil price has turned out to be a horrible nightmare to ordinary people. But the present government has always someone to take the blame.

According to the Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, the blame for the souring oil price is due to international market. When the oil price was all time low at international market, the minister of the present government appears to have failed to take any advantage as the petroleum price then was also exorbitantly high.

For every failure, the present government conveniently shifts the blame on previous government and its failure. The present government has either abundant promise to offer or has enough to blame the previous government for its failures. Interestingly between utter failure and continuous blame, the leaders of the present government see ache din and sab ka vikas but no one knows who enjoys ache din and who has achieved vikas in India.

The only political hope the present government has is the weak and ever contradicting opposition parties. The opposition parties are weak and that cannot be assumed as easy win for Modiji. People are angry with the present government. The anger is not just due to the promises are not fulfilled. The reason for the anger is due to the lame duck explanations of the present government justifying its failures and its intent to reform India with its cultural nationalism agenda.

The social media penetration is quite high these days and most Indians are regularly using social media to share and update. Therefore promoting any irrational ideas and cargo cult of science by the dispensation, the present generation not only would reject but also would excommunicate the promoters of such ideas from the political scene of India.

Reform measures should be science based and not faith based. Governance should be progressive and not regressive. The best example of the present government’s greatest contribution to science is the Minister of Science and Technology and its zeal and enthusiasm in allocating huge budget for cow urine research.

The people of India are watching every move of the government and are quite unhappy with Modiji. Once upon a time all these people had venerated Modiji as the ultimate leader but today things have changed dramatically.

The sky racketing oil price and its role in overall inflation going to shatter further the ache din of common man and is certainly not going to bring ache din to the present government in coming election.

People are not toying with who would lead the country in 2019 but who should not is the question people are trying to answer. How the present government has slipped to failure and disappointment from performance and hope.

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