Simple and pleasant

Simple and pleasant

It is a fine start for Telugu cinema. With the least promise and not too much asked of the audience, the filmmaker (Kishore Tirumala) gives you a very ...

It is a fine start for Telugu cinema. With the least promise and not too much asked of the audience, the filmmaker (Kishore Tirumala) gives you a very homely feel of the oft repeated tale of the hero entering the household and being accepted by the members therein. Kishore Tirumala weaves a narration that is grounded as much as permissible within the expectation levels of the audience.

The film to start with is for all of a couple of hours and therefore starts out with an advantage. At all points in time the director keeps close to the sanity axis and ensures that he entertains the viewer with quick wit, some light-hearted dialogues and pleasing to the eye performances.

The prologue deals with a calf love tale between a school boy and the girl in the neighbourhood Sailaja who is dejected as she misses the care and affection of a busy dad. The family moves on and the lad is left experimenting with love stories from his early school days. The youngster is now Hari (Ram) working at a pub as a DJ. His love for love is still active and as is his intolerance to exploitation. He in the meanwhile has gathered a bouquet of rejections and is of the firm belief that the bottle is the only company he is destined to have.

However, he soon runs into Sailaja (Keerthy Suresh). The love story blossoms. In the back drop is baddie Maharshi (Pradeep Rawat). Caught in a kidnap drama the genesis of which is not germane to the issue on hand, he soon joins the Hari side of the divide. Sailaja still carries the baggage of a dad who has no time for her and is busy making money. Dad Srinivas (Kattappa – oh! Sathyaraj) has a hidden tale. His dad (Vijay Kumar) had many decades ago insulted him for not bringing home the moolah. In contrast, Hari is the product of a perfect family of happy liberal parents (Naresh and Pragathi). The cross connections are complete when the siblings of the lead pair are also in love. A family reunion of Srinivas gets Sailaja engaged to her maternal cousin (Chaitanya Krishna) and she thus rejects the waiting love of Hari. You know for sure that he will win her. How and when is what the film details in the post break narration.

The film is unhesitatingly recommended. It clearly points out that even with a clichéd tale you can make a watchable film provided you are willing to respect the intelligence of the viewer. Except when the hero is bashing up the baddies (as imperative to our cinema as duets and romance). Sameer Reddy’s cinematography ensures that the mild and pleasant theme is stated in right proportion. Added to this is the fine support the film gets from the music of Devi Sri Prasad. The cast is by and large adequate. Sathyaraj is not as dramatic as in the famous last outing. A tad jaded in fact. Pragati, Naresh et al deliver just what is expected. Prince as the brother of the hero exhibits a fine sense of timing in his humour. Keerthy dresses very pleasantly and keeps up the spirit of the tale without going overboard. The film, however, belongs largely to young Ram and his capacity to carry the film on his shoulder. Yes he revisits the premise of ‘Ready’ but his sense of timing and his capacity to keep in check whatever he does works greatly to his advantage.

This romance is noiseless, pleasant to the eye and easy on your ears. It showcases a filmmaker and a stance that even an oft repeated formulistic stories can be told with a degree of pleasant freshness. Nice way to kick start the new year.

L Ravichander
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