My daddy strongest!

My daddy strongest!

The hero’s father is deceived by the heroine’s father. Off goes the youngster, swearing undying hatred and revenge against the man who did that to his ...

The hero’s father is deceived by the heroine’s father. Off goes the youngster, swearing undying hatred and revenge against the man who did that to his ailing dad and the rest of the brood, which comprises two more brothers. As he travels across countries, chasing and hunting down the bad man and his global empire, he unites the heroine with her mother, who is also a victim of the evil character who wants to rule the world, armed with a delusionary habit of blurring the divide between the good and the bad.

With a funky hairdo, geeky glasses and donning stylish clothes with a western fit, NTR presents a chilled out version of a man on a mission. The body language and mannerisms are definitely different this time from a few of his recent films (‘Temper’ not included). Director Sukumar invests a lot of quick-thinking, intelligent attributes to his persona which he carries off with aplomb.

The blending of familial bonding with that of an action plotline works quite well, giving ample scope for both the protagonist and the antagonist to match their wits till the finale. Rakul Preet Singh serves a slightly different variation to the vintage Telugu film heroine prototype. Her role defies the usual hyper, screaming, mildly- obsessive types which the local pillas are shown as.

Here she is the daughter of the slimy business tycoon, as ambitious as the father and fiercely protective and supportive of him, till she comes to know his ruthlessness and self-serving nature. The glamour quotient is reconciled with a no-nonsense professional edge to her onscreen presence, which is watchable.

Sukumar visualises his story across the scenic locales of London and Spain with its sweeping and enchanting greenery, mountains and valleys not to speak of popular tourist spots at the heart of the British Empire. The treatment is of a different level even as the subtle games between Jagapathi Babu and NTR raise the interest levels of the audience.

With a firm adherence to keeping it as an engaging tussle between the two main characters, the film does not find the need to compromise with desi beats and folksy dream songs, a big relief. Devi Sri Prasad, who has been having a lacklustre run in the recent past, comes up with two good numbers, the pulsating beats matching the frenzied choreography. The chemistry between the lead pair, courtesy their adversarial roles, is not very cosy and intimate, yet appealing for its newness.

The underlying theme of corporate greed and digital intelligence, which finally serves the hero’s cause well, is served in an entertaining manner. A tad long at 168 minutes, the first of the Sankranti releases stands out for its visual brilliance, acting skills and an attempt to look and feel different, even as the story remains the formula- laden, time-tested one.

Film Name : Nannaku Prematho
Cast : NTR, Rakul Preet Singh, Rajendra Prasad and Jagapathi Babu
Direction : Sukumar
Genre : Thriller- drama
Likes : Hollywood feel, NTR and Jagapathi Babu
Dislikes : Weak beginning, slow pick-up in the second half
Rating : ***

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