Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha Full Review and Rating

Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha Full Review and Rating

Nani\'s \"Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha\" released across the world on Friday. The romantic comedy is written and directed by Hanu Raghavapudi.  Expectations are very high on the film as Nani\'s last film

Cast: Nani, Mehreen Kaur, Murali Sharma, Sampath Raj, Brahmaji
Banner: 14 Reels Entertainment
Music: Vishal Chandrasekhar
Editor: Gowtham Raju
Producers: Ram Achanta, Gopi Achanta & Anil Sunkara
Story-Screenplay-Directon: Hanu Raghavapudi

Nani's "Krishna Gadi Veera Prema Gadha" released across the world on Friday. The romantic comedy is written and directed by Hanu Raghavapudi. Expectations are very high on the film as Nani's last film 'Bhale Bhale Magadivoy' was a super hit and it created records in the overseas market too. Will Nani continue his success with this film? Read the full review here.

The film is a love story set in the factionist backdrop of Anantapur. Krishna (Nani) a meek guy loves his childhood friend Mahalakshmi (Mehreen). Mahalakshmi is the relative of Rajappa who is most feared factionist in Hindupur. Krishna, who is an ardent fan of actor Nandamuri Bala Krishna in the film, is scared of Rama Raju who is the right hand of Rajappa and brother of Mahalakshmi. Krishna doesn't dare reveal his love story to Rama Raju. Rajappa's brother Srikanth is a famous police officer in Hyderabad. He arrests underworld don David Bhai (Murali Sharma) in Hyderabad. After some twists, Krishna gets a chance to marry Mahalakshmi. But before that he should save Srikanth's daughters.

How Nani rescues the kids and overcomes his fear of his life forms the rest of the story.

Its Nani's show all the way. Nani is dubbed as a natural star and this film makes his title apt for the actor. Nani has once again delivered an all round performance.

Mehreen also puts in a convincing performance. The chemistry between Nani and Mehreen has come out very well. Murali Sharma and Sampath Raj fit their roles perfectly. The three kids' performance and the scenes between Nani and them are etched out well
This newbie is a promising actor and certainly a star-in-the-making. She manages to leave an impression amidst the rest. Brahmaji and Pradhvi have done justice to their roles and evoke laughs all the time.

First Half

Slow narration

Hanu Raghavapudi's Andala Rakshasi could not become hit commercially, but his latest film has opened to positive talks and the Pre-release business has also put the producers in profit. KGVPG has a high dose of comedy and entertains audience throughout the film.

The love story between the lead pair is endearing and brings a feel good effect to the film. The entire credit goes to the director who ensures no boredom with nicely packaged hilarious scenes and pleasant visuals. He has taken a refreshingly engaging concept with a village back drop.

The comedy scenes between Prudhvi and Murali Sharma and Nani and his friend have been executed superbly. Another major plus point of the film is Nani plays his part very well. The director has tried to maintain neat comedy, suspense and natural action of the actors in the entire film..

There are no unnecessary dialogues and heroism scenes in the film. However, several scenes are dragged in the second half and editing could have been better. Background score is good but the songs are not peppy.

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