Largo Winch Director's Response to Agnyaathavaasi Rumours
Largo Winch Director's Response to Agnyaathavaasi Rumours

Agnyathavaasi is an interesting movie in the recent times that is going to create wonders at the box office after the release. There are a lot of expectations on the movie and everyone is super positive about the film. 

Unexpectedly, the film unit has now faced a legal trouble from Bollywood production house T Series. According to the buzz, T Series that bagged the remake rights of French action thriller Largo Winch and they have come to know that the film Agnyathavaasi is along the lines of the same movie. Hence, they have issued notices to the makers of Agnyaathavaasi regarding copyright issues.The makers are said to have asked for the copy of censored-script to check if there is any similarity between the films. 

The buzz is that Rana Daggubati has been approached to solve the issue between both the parties. Apparently, Rana who has good relations with T Series owners and Agnyathavaasi makers has reportedly stepped in for the mediation. More details on this would be out soon.

There were rumours that Agnyaathavaasi is inspired from French movie ' The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch' .  Those rumours seems to have reached to director Jérôme Salle, who directed the "Largo Winch" in 2008.  "I think I'm gonna buy a ticket (plane first than movie) #Curiosity #Agnyaathavaasi #LargoWinch," Salle posted on his Twitter handle.

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