Anchor Anasuya quits social media
Anchor Anasuya quits social media

Anchor Anasuya has quit the social media after receiving backlash over her recent act of breaking the mobile phone of a woman when her kid attempted to take a selfie with the anchor.

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The video of the incident went viral where Anasuya is seen throwing the mobile phone of a woman who tried to capture a picture of the anchor with her kid who is less than 10-years-old in Tarnaka, Hyderabad. 

Later, the woman even complained to the police. Following this, social media called out on her inhuman act. 

With mounting criticism, Anasuya chose to clarify her stand and tweeted, "I am surprised and actually taken aback at the way how rebellious people have become towards me without any awareness of truth. I confess..its hurtful. I think we need to take break. Much love to all of those who believe in me and support me. Untill next time #socialDetox".

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