Rajini's 2.O Story Leaked?
Rajini's 2.O Story Leaked?

 It is a common thing that the social media carry news about some speculations on the story of prestigious movies. At times, the people who worked close to the film unit hint about the film's story and the gossip mongers add their creativity to the story and post it on the social media. Sometimes, the makers only reveal the story to prepare the audiences. Meanwhile, here is an exclusive scoop regarding the story of upcoming prestigious film 2 Point O starring Rajinikanth in the lead.

As per the reports on the social media, the movie is going to revolve around the character of Akshay Kumar. Apparently, the movie is going to start with Akshay Kumar's death scene. He dies of radiation that is being generated with the usage of the mobile phones. How does his death result in him turning an evil to take on the humans using the mobile phones is the story of the movie.

The film 2 Point O is the clever take of Shankar on the technology and the usage of the mobile phones. Amy Jackson played the leading lady. Lyca Productions produced the movie.

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