It's Disgraceful, says Nikhil
It's Disgraceful, says Nikhil

Mudra starring Nikhil Siddarth and Lavanya Tripathi is carrying a positive buzz in the film industry. Some people seem to have evil intentions against the movie. Nikhil has revealed the same on Twitter today where he shared the posters of a movie having the same title as his movie and said that his movie will take time to release.

Earlier, the producers of Mudra had issues regarding the title and the other party might have gone for a release with the same title which Nikhil is currently talking about.


"Guys My Movie is NOT RELEASING this week... SOME ppl with evil intentions have used the exact SAME LOGO DESIGN nd put MY NAME in the BOOKINGS APP... My Producers are on the case and will  UPDATE u soon with the details.. This is disgraceful 👇 #Mudra" Nikhil updated on his Twitter profile.

The release date of the movie is yet to be updated.

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