Ranveer Singh is Great Co-Actor Says Vijay Varma

Ranveer Singh is Great Co-Actor Says Vijay Varma

Actor Vijay Varma says Ranveer Singh from Gully Boy, is a bighearted actor and great coactor

Actor Vijay Varma says Ranveer Singh from Gully Boy, is a big-hearted actor and great co-actor.

Vijay Varma, who played the role of Moeen Bhai in Gully Boy, was interacting with media celebrating the success of Gully Boy.

Talking about working with Ranveer Singh in Zoya Akhtar directorial Gully Boy, actor Vijay said, “Had a wonderful experience working with Ranveer Singh, he is a big-hearted co-actor. He goes all out helping his co-actors; he is a committed actor, who is completely into the scene. Ranveer Singh even left his co-actor shine, when it’s there time to shine in the scene, so he gives space”

“One thing to learn from Ranveer Singh is that he conserves all his energy for the shot. He doesn’t waste his energy on sets, he conserves it, and he remains in his zone. So that is one good quality about him” added Vijay.

Vijay Varma’s character Moeen Bhai, found an instant connect and appreciation from the audiences. Talking about the love and appreciation, he said, “I am loving the love and attention I am getting. Even I am getting phone calls and messages from people in Industry, co-workers, old friends, messages are plenty on every platform, so right now I am filled with love”

“I knew people are going to like the character but I didn’t expect this much love. I mean he has this fun side, he has levity and he is a little bit dirty as well, but he is larger than life, so there are elements where people could connect but I was not expecting this level of response” added Vijay.

Talking about the preparations for the role, Vijay said the script was written beautifully and had all the answers.

He added, “The script had all the answers, so the preparation was not that extensive. I got the part in December and we started rolling in January, so in this one month, I did some prep about the lingo, nuances of the characters, some reading, some training with the car, so nothing major was discovered”

Vijay Varma has gone from strength to strength. He has worked in films like Chittagong (2012), Monsoon Shootout (2017) and Pink (2016) and now, with his role as Moeen in Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy, Varma is enjoying his time in the sun.

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