A unique home for orphaned students

A unique home for orphaned students

A home for the aged, destitute or orphans may, through sheer exemplary atmosphere, make a lot of difference to the lives of its occupants.

Hyderabad: A home for the aged, destitute or orphans may, through sheer exemplary atmosphere, make a lot of difference to the lives of its occupants. But, if a similar home is meant for orphaned students, it can change the lives of not just its inmates, but also the lives of thousands of other people who subsequently benefit from whatever the self-made ones from these portals accomplish in life. The quintessence of such a wonderful home is the decades-old ‘Anaadha Vidyarthi Griha’.

Over the years, Anaadha Vidyarthi Griha has proved to be an outstanding example of a graceful shelter that supports orphaned students, often abandoned by society. This home goes beyond providing shelter by facilitating training, accommodation and employment of orphans.
Established in 1919 with just a few students, Anaadha Vidyarthi Griha is presently home to nearly a hundred students, who are studying in various schools and colleges across the city.

Over the years, hundreds of students have completed their education and training, while staying in this hostel during their schooling or college days. Some have accomplished much in life, becoming social entrepreneurs and in turn providing employment and training to the poor and orphans in the State.

Chairman and advisor of the orphanage Shashi Mohan said that the accommodation facility of the home was different from that of others in many aspects. “Students or children staying at the orphanage are self-made in many aspects, since we only supervise and guide them. They belong to poor families. They join here for studies. We guide them. Once they complete their schooling and Intermediate, they are asked to make their accommodation outside.”

Many of its students have become entrepreneurs and businessmen. Some have secured good jobs in government and public sector. The best part is that they all support orphans at their level. G Srinu, a student who had lived in the orphanage, learning life skills as well, left his Railway job to launch his start up.

He has since been training orphans and poor students in several technical subjects, thus providing them a platform to earn their living. He said, “When I got the railway job, I was indeed satisfied and I could have lived a happy life. But, I decided to quit it, so that I can help several disadvantaged students across the State. Since then, I have been doing so… I am now a satisfied person as I am now able to help others who are like me.”

His social entrepreneurship has been providing means of livelihood for many students, including those from the orphanage. AVG general secretary M Rajesh said that several government employees and generous donors had been supporting the orphanage in many ways such as giving donations, providing necessaries to students and guiding them in their pursuit of higher education.

He said, “With the government providing prime land at L B Nagar, the orphanage building stands as the ideal place with a good learning atmosphere and training facility for zealous students who are orphans.” He said that the orphanage had been providing shelter and free education facility for students from anywhere in Telugu state, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion.

By Mohammed Younus

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