Hyderabad Flipkart delivery boy rapes maid

Hyderabad Flipkart delivery boy rapes maid

A maid in Banjara hills was allegedly molested by ‘Flip kart’ delivery boy.

A maid in Banjara hills was allegedly molested by ‘Flip kart’ delivery boy. The employer of the maid was desperately trying in the last 24 hrs to get the attention of the company, but in no avail. She tried to contact them through Social media and all the other means she had at her disposal.

Her face book post reads:
“Another incident of molestation and violation of a woman's modesty goes unnoticed. My maid was molested by a #flipkart delivery boy on Saturday. 48 hrs since, despite all the calls and requests to the company no response, let alone action against the boy who came to my house to deliver the order. When will we have a safe India for women???? As we look for the answers as a nation, one will make sure this is not repeated and the #flipkart stands up to not only selling products but owning up to the incident. We are not mere customers buying your products but respectable human being who deserve to be treated with respect.”
As a final measure, she approached the Banjara hills police station and filed a complaint. “This horrible incident took place when I was not at home. It was cash-on-delivery. My help had just gone in to pick up the cash from the table, when the delivery boy attacked her and tried to force himself on her.” She said.
While speaking to media she said, “I have so far have failed to reach anyone at Flipkart, except for the call centre executives, who give me the same protocol response ‘sorry for the inconvenience caused’. It is honestly appalling that the company has not responded.”
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