Visakhapatnam: With spurt in kidnap cases and the delay in cracking them, the city police has decided to hand over 31 cases to the Crime Investigation Department (CID) in the past 10 months. The police officials came to know that majority of the kidnap cases turned out to be fake. 

According to police, in majority of the alleged kidnap cases, girls were running away from their homes due to love affairs and for some other reason. Though the girls are returning to their homes in some cases, the parents are not informing the police and the cases are still pending as per official records.  

According to records, 62 kidnap cases were registered, including six minor girls and two newly married women, in the past 10 months this year in the city and rural areas. Police said that 28 kidnaps cases related to elopement in which 19 were traced so far.

Giving an example, a senior police official said that a 15-year-old girl student studying in a corporate school in the city allegedly kidnapped by an art teacher working in the same school and the police have not traced the girl. 

However, as a part of their own searches, the parents of the girl found that the girl is staying with the teacher only. But the parents not informed due to several reasons.

"The fact is that most of the cases are not coming under kidnap charges. The girls, who were influenced by various factors, and lack of parenting led to eloping with their boyfriends. In some cases, though the girls returned home, the parents are not informing the police.

After leaving home, the girls are changing their mobile phone numbers. Hence, investigation officers are facing problems in tracing them,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Shemushi Bajpai said while speaking to The Hans India here on Sunday.   

Another DCP Fakeerappa said that the police were counselling the girls and their parents. The educated girls are also in the list of kidnap cases. If, they wish to come back, the police would immediately help them. Even an SMS is enough to secure them. The parents also should also observe the girls’ behaviour  and must spend more time with them,” Fakeerappa added.

By Jatlee Donthala

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