Finally, India has woken up from slumber

Finally, India has woken up from slumber

Its time to move on, from Pulwama to UNSC via Balakot The three points must not be forgotten For every Pulwama, there should be a Balakot and it...

It’s time to move on, from Pulwama to UNSC via Balakot. The three points must not be forgotten. For every Pulwama, there should be a Balakot and it should also be topped up with the UNSC. As we look back at this week with the satisfaction of having drawn the red line against terror and having forced paradigm shift in our policy towards our ungrateful and hostile neighbour, we understand that our job remains incomplete.

While our armed forces continue to keep their vigil and responding to any aggression effectively and with deadly consequences to the enemy, it is now time to work the wires at the UNSC further. The next target should be to get Jaish-e-Mohammad and its head Masood Azhar, the darling of Pakistan and the pet of China, proscribed. This is the right time to achieve our goal that would suffocate Masood Azhar and Jaish-e-Mohammed of all funds.

Pakistan in itself is in no position to fund him. The ISI and the Pakistan Army will be spending more time now in protecting him from the precision attack of India which is looming large on the neighbour's head and which is any day's reality now. India is no longer the whining and complaining country. It has woken up from its slumber and knows that it need not be afraid of its neighbour's nuclear capability and its strike capability.

India has suffered far too long for its weak political will and ineffective leadership. Hence, it should now work its foreign relations further and its diplomacy to new heights. China is the only obstacle in getting Masood Azhar proscribed. But even this could change now due to the unprecedented international pressure on Pakistan. The enemy has been beaten and flattened completely in international domain.

Its lies fully exposed and even its all-weather friend China can do little to save it and its snakes. If China continues to blubber like a little child after skinning her knee over Masood Azhar and continues to be in a denial zone of its own, so be it. It shall also be questioned. It is entitled to continue arguing that Pakistan is the only country in the comity of nations that has suffered and is suffering because of terrorism. It can also argue that it is the only nation which fights terror and hence must not be named. Available technology speaks otherwise.

Pakistan not only nurtures terror but also harbours it to the detriment of the world. France, the US and the UK are fast moving in to get Masood Azhar proscribed. Others have always been willing to do so in the UNSC. It is a hard choice ahead of China to make. The proposal was moved jointly by the three permanent members of the Security Council on Wednesday.

Now, China, after having blocked such a measure for almost a decade, could change its stance by abstaining on a vote, it is hoped. Ultimately, the JeM has turned out to be more honest than any of its friends. UNSC should respect its claim of attack on Pulwama and proscribe it.

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