These Tips Help Students Stay Engaged in the Classroom
These Tips Help Students Stay Engaged in the Classroom

When you look around a college classroom, you can see students using their cell phones under their desks, or worse yet, right out in the open. Nowadays, most of the college students, whether they are pursuing BBA, MBA or any other stream, have become careless – they skip classes, arrive late, leave early, or even come unprepared.

For a teacher, the chore of keeping their students engaged can be a challenging task to tackle. Teachers are continuously battling against laziness, distractions as well as lack of motivation.

Here are a few tips that can be used to keep students engaged in the classroom:

  1. Warm Up Sessions: A good start can influence the way students learn the lessons. It’s a good idea to start it off with
  2. Quick Writes: After completing a particular topic, the students can be asked to give a quick write up or summary of what they were taught. It can consist of points covered in the and conclusion regarding some areas. students engaged with the syllabus. This also makes them more focused during the next classes.
  3. Ask Questions: Teachers can form a habit of asking questions in between topics. Also, they can give students an open platform to ask questions or doubts related to what was taught. This helps in making the classroom sessions a lot more interactive and students to get a better understanding of the lessons. Students tend to get view of the subject framing questions as well as receiving answers.
  4. Mix Teaching Styles: Following the same teaching style in every class leads to boredom among students and they gradually start to lose interest in the course. Mixing teaching styles and often leads to a better learning experience for students.
  5. Group Works: Group learning is as crucial as self-learning as students can be trained well to think in groups and improve knowledge. Group assignments can where students can bring out their exclusive ideas while considering others’ as well. This is another way to keep students engaged in the classroom.
  6. Video Sessions: Video sessions are means to grab student’s attention. The visual elements tend to get processed faster by the this makes a remarkable impact on their understanding. Video presentations consisting of appealing slides or video are gaining more and more attention in today’s classrooms.
  7. Teacher-Student Relationship: Maintaining a good relationship with students is essential for a teacher to make the classes more positive. Students will have that liberty to express themselves freely whenever needed. This gives the students a sense of happiness and peace. Also, keeping up a pleasant classroom environment can affect the way they grasp the syllabus.
  8. Take Small Breaks: Instead of having hour-long teaching sessions, it’s better to take some small breaks in between lessons to refresh the minds of students. Teachers can share something out of the syllabus and have a little chit-chat time with the students.
A teacher’s top priority in the classroom is to engage students in the syllabus. By finding new inventive ways to create a more positive vibe in the classroom. By implementing the tips mentioned above, teachers can easily put a smile on their students faces by making learning more creative and fun. College like BML Munjal University is famous for having a specially designed BBA syllabus, which ensures the students stay engaged in the classroom.