‘GER in Higher Edn still low’


‘GER in Higher Edn still low’. D N Reddy calls for outcome-based education.

D N Reddy calls for outcome-based education

Hyderabad: Eminent educationist and member of UGC, Prof D N Reddy expressed concern over the low GER (Gross Enrolment Ratio) in higher education and said it needs immediate attention. “India’s GER has not even touched 20 percent where as in most of the developed countries, it is much higher, even 30 percent plus. Blaming the system for this low average cannot solve the problem. All academic institutes of higher learning must take concrete steps to increase this. Twelfth Plan as well RUSA (Rashtriya Uchchtar Shiksha Abhiyan) have set some goals to reach 30 percent GER by 2020, but it is a gigantic task. Unless there is significant contribution each institution, this cannot be realized” he said.

He delivered two key lectures at the ICFAI university here on Wednesday –one to the faculty members on ‘Perspectives, Challenges and Strategies for Higher Education’ and the second one to students at ICFAI Tech, Faculty of Science and Technology.

Prof. Reddy called upon the institutions and also students to focus on ‘outcome-based education’. ‘It will address knowledge, skill and attitude of students as well as the education-employment gap’ he felt.

Prof. Reddy highlighted access, inclusion, quality and relevance as important aspects in the mandate for higher education in India. He identified knowledge, innovation and excellence as imperatives for higher education institutions in India.

“It is innovative engineering that transforms into technology” and hence advised the students to be more focused and creative in their approach to learning. He mentioned that the gap between education and employment can only be bridged when students demonstrate positive attitudes, develop analytical and technical skills and have clear goals and meticulous planning. He emphasized on the importance of soft skills and interpersonal skills for students.

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