Creative jobs overrule traditional slogs

Creative jobs overrule traditional slogs

Creative jobs overrule traditional slogs. The changing times in the Country with economy, downsizing and job cuts are not unknown.

The changing times in the Country with economy, downsizing and job cuts are not unknown. From the era of Government jobs to IT to BPO , we have seen some major trends last twenty years in relation to the job market in India. The heavy inflow of foreign direct investment last fifteen years which is slowly vanishing thanks to the unpredictable outsourcing – left the educated and working class shattered.

The new trends that are interestingly over ruling the traditional jobs are surfacing.

Creative day jobs – work at home dads who have flexi options, moms who freelance and double up, fresh graduates who blog their minds off to mint money; are the toast of India now.

Gone are the days when the salaries were earned per month, slogging on uninteresting job profiles with restless hearts. If you are creative and can make an exceptional difference with your innate talents, you are not alone. Join the thousands who are now switching to these smart creative gigs and demanding a fitting remuneration too.

1. Copywriting – If you are an ad freak who is constantly creating tag lines in the air to satisfy your soul, take a step ahead and turn it into a career. Firms of all sizes that require young minds to brand their products and frame effective punch lines now hire individuals on a contract basis. Bring out the copywriter in you and make a tone! Most creative writers resort to freelancing options to explore this space.

2. Scriptwriter – With the entertainment industry ever booming, there is no dearth of opportunities if you have a story teller inside of you. Theatre groups, film directors, advertising agencies now hire scriptwriters on a freelance or contract basis to tap the hidden potential of possible contenders.

3. Blogging – Perhaps the most trending jobs in the recent times, blogging for websites with creative topics helps you meet your inner pangs, not to forget help fill your pockets to pay the bills. If you can write and be lucid in your style, you can now blog on various topics – unabashed!

4. Photography – A vehemently sought out hobby now turning into a full time profession for many, photography has transformed the once IT professionals and lawyers to drop the act and pursue their passion in full throttle. If you are good at clicking, there are plenty of projects in hand to be taken up in corporate and entertainment domains.

5. Mystery Shopper – Usually popular among young women with great inkling to shop, mystery shopping jobs pay decently to the dedicated shopaholics, out on the mission to look around and research for the client. So, get paid while you window shop.

6. Food Critics – have a large appetite? Here is some value add to it. If you are a food lover and crazy about evaluating various cuisines, food blogging helps fill your stomach and your skills. The number of food critics is constantly rising, with more and more clients advertising for the requirement in the expanding dining industry.

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