How to choose MBA specialization at OU

How to choose MBA specialization at OU

MBA Specialization Osmania University Peer Pressure OU MBA. The selection of any specialization for your MBA program is not a simple task, but instead...

The selection of any specialization for your MBA program is not a simple task, but instead it is your life changing decision, the decision needs to be taken with full of cautiousness. It is a fact that the students who are pursuing MBA from Osmania University do not have wide spectrum of choices [given the fact that OU offers only three specializations under Major and Four specialization under Minor category]

What ever be the choice of a student it should not be a blind selection it must be based on the criteria’s of significance which differs from one individual to other let me first highlight the insignificant basis upon which the students are zeroing themselves for selecting the serialization

  1. Peer pressure and friends views
  2. Parents suggestions (may not be acceptable always)
  3. Based on the teacher who is teaching which subject
  4. Based on the scoring expectation in exam
  5. Based on majority of students selecting any specialization
  6. Based on easiness of subject

Below I would be highlighting the criteria for selecting the specialization in your OU –MBA , match and consider them before taking any decision pertaining to options selection

  1. Your own interest and desire
  2. Communication and analytical skills
  3. Your nature and attitudes as a person
  4. Your level of self confidence and positive thinking
  5. Your previous experience and knowledge
  6. The opportunities in the sector and challenges associated with it
  7. Based on your ability to adopt change in the industry
  8. Based on your emotional management skills
  9. Based on suitability of subject with your personality and your mentality.

The best advantageous aspect of OU MBA program is that , students are offered dual specializations because of which the rate of employability of any student from Osmania University is increased and they will be able to prove there mettle in more than a single field.

At the end I would suggest the students of OU-MBA program which is offered through many affiliated colleges, to be convince themselves that what ever the specializations are chosen, you must be having abilities to make all odds into even for you and pave a way for yourself, it is an open secret that in India the job market is tough and remember when the going becomes tough, then only the tough can go. Best of luck for future.

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