Brand OU losing its sheen overseas?

Brand OU losing its sheen overseas?

Hyderabad: Brand Osmania University Losing its Sheen Overseas? Brand Osmania is yet to regain its past glory after the ‘T-agitation’. The university’s...

  • UFRO stipulated IELTS and TOEFL scores for admission to technical courses

Hyderabad: Brand Osmania is yet to regain its past glory after the ‘T-agitation’. The university’s reputation which took beating at national levels is now the target of international students. Foreign students, especially from middle-east region are attracted to the city which shares common culture. They flock to Osmania University and after completion of the course, are spreading not- so- positive messages back home.

The university authorities though are unaware of the fact. A few students said that the perception which is gaining ground in the middle-east and African countries is that it is not difficult to get an admission in Osmania University (OU) and students rarely fail in the exams despite their appallingly low competencies in the concerned subjects, including English.

No wonder, there is a surge in the number of applications each consecutive year. A senior professor, points out on condition of anonymity that many foreign students who were generally reticent have began to demand higher grades and marks despite their poor performance. Many of them are not fit to be in the courses, but they are thrust on the departments by the University Foreign Relations Office (UFRO) because of bi-lateral agreements that have been signed.

Foreign students have understood the system very well. During the T-agitation, authorities were lenient about attendance and foreign students have realised that they can bunk classes and no action would be taken. So, some of them have taken up part-time jobs, though it is a violation of the norms that a student should not work.
The UFRO seems to have woken up from its slumber after persistent complaints from several departments and has stipulated that IELTS and TOEFL score are compulsory for admission to the technical courses. Prof. Venugopal Rao, director, UFRO says, “This year, we have insisted on IELTS and TOEFL scores the admissions into the technical courses and while for the other courses we issued admissions based on the academic track record of a student.

Prof. B Satyanarayana, president, Osmania University Teachers’ Association. (OUTA), states that the varsity should not be run on business lines but this is what is happening. The OUTA has pitched for various international English testing skills tests for admission to the courses in Osmania. OU, Vice-Chancellor, Prof. S Satyanarayana, says “Unlike other universities, this university doesn’t campaign for the foreign students for admissions. So far, I haven’t come across any negative comments about the varsity. We will not allot foreign students to private colleges if they are found to spread bad propaganda about the university. While I was principal of Nizam College, several students were detained and now we are particular about the attendance. If students fail to attend the classes, we will detain them."

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