Chase companies but not jobs!

Chase companies but not jobs!

Job seekers may think I\'m crazy when I say do not chase jobs but chase companies... Wait a moment, there\'s logic behind this...

Job seekers may think I'm crazy when I say do not chase jobs but chase companies... Wait a moment, there's logic behind this...

When you chase a job, it means you're spending your time on a single vacancy. If you can identify a company and do an in-depth research about the company, you will understand other relevant opportunities of your choice. Of course, many a time, companies also do not showcase themselves properly; rather they merely post their vacancy details.

Read on to know how you can chase companies for a better career…

Make a list of your skills, strengths and interests. Prepare a profile on your own, you can take experts inputs. However, do not depend on those who provide fancy CV writing services. You can use existing templates, but the content should be yours and write it in your own style.

Map your career: Once you identify a prospective employer, list out functions you're interested in. You must be in a position to explain how you could able to help each department and grow in that company.

Understand the career development or growth in the selected company. To know this, you can also connect to those who are already working in a similar job.

Don't walk away, if you couldn't find any opening which you're looking for in the selected company. Find out the existing vacancies which could lead you to the desired one in six months or one year’s time. It's a known fact that job changes very quickly in the present scenario. Treat the current job as an investment for your future career.

Employers wish to hire those who have already done homework on their business, identified existing problems and come up with solutions.

Approach with what value you can bring to them. It's irrelevant to showcase your past experience unless you demonstrate how it's going to fetch you the applied job. Do not expect that they can imagine what you can do for them.

Remember, the CV needs to be tailored as per the requirement of the companies. You can't use the same CV for different companies or vacancies. That's how a business plan replaces a stereo type CV.

So, applying for a job gives you only one opportunity to work. But when you select the right company, it will give ample scope to explore different opportunities in the same company in the forthcoming days. Otherwise you should keep on searching for a job at regular intervals.

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