Book Review: Bank Marketing in the Changing Landscape of Retail Banking in India

Book Review: Bank Marketing in the Changing Landscape of Retail Banking in India

Book Review: Bank Marketing in The Changing Landscape of Retail Banking in India. Commitment to organisational goals more often than not are generally...

Commitment to organisational goals more often than not are generally taken for granted in most organisations. When the corporate goals are set and communicated through various channels, it is generally perceived that they are accepted & the entire system is set into motion at all levels to realise them. But this does not happen always.The commitment has to come consciously. Means & methodshaveto be carefully chosen. Ina situation like this, proper information & guidance are absolutely necessary for strategy implementation.

In this context the book‘Bank Marketing in the Changing Landscape of Retail Banking in India’ is of enormous help & importance. Aboutmarketing of retail banking products in the Indian scenario, there has not been much of literature. This book precisely has attempted to go in stages to offer a great deal of information withrich illustrative examples. In keeping with the rising trend of tech savvy products launched by various banks, the book has extensively dealt in this aspect by assimilating all sorts of data relevant in this context.In fact, it is a comprehensive study in its application,scope,contribution &limitations in India.

Thetable of contents in the book are as follows:a) The Building Blocks; b) The Industry & Competition; c) Competitive Differentiation & Positioning; d) Marketing Strategy; e) Branding; f) Product Development – Current Scenario; g) Cards and Wallets; and finally, h) Future of Marketing in Retail Banking.The sequencing of the topics is in order.

The author has methodicallydeveloped each chapter with adequatecare and plethora ofinformation with apt examples drawn from various sources. We all know that marketing is an essential business disciplineandits vital contribution to the success of an organisation is widely recognised. In his attempt, the author has been very professional. The financial, statistical and demographicinformation, the business positions of various banks,the timing of introducing new products in the market in keeping with the consumer pattern are of great significance in the context.

This book is suitable for all those studying MBA,and those taking up professional banking examinations, as well as students for short term courses conducted by various training institutions. The book can as well be used as reference in the Management Information and Development section of various banksdue to its comparative study andrelevant information.

I believe the users will find this book of value as a quite useful reference.

Author: Dr. Sudip Kar Purkayastha

Publisher: Pressly Software LLP, Bangalore, India

Category: Banking, Marketing, Management

Price: Rs. 399/-

Review by Subhas R Chakraborty Ex – Deputy General Manager, Canara Bank

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