Make yourself employable

Make yourself employable

Most graduates are not employable -- but you probably know that by now. So how can you stand out in the five million students that graduate every...

Most graduates are not employable -- but you probably know that by now. So how can you stand out in the five million students that graduate every year? Virender Kapoor, author of A Wonderful Boss, draws up this checklist of things to do for young graduates!

Read, Read, Read

Ah! Got you there didn't I?

Most students begin reading newspapers and magazines just before their CAT.

If you read widely you are able to articulate better.

So read; read indiscriminately -- novels, comics, romances, classics, self help books… take your pick.

Read the edit pages of newspapers; it helps you form your opinion based on what you've read of others.

Watch worthy TV channels

If you see yourself becoming a film historian or a movie critic, sure watch the movie channels but do so with an academic interest -- with a keenness to gather trivia or to learn something about the industry. But if not, let movies be one of the things you watch. Instead take a pick from any news channels -- national and international -- or even channels like History or Discovery.

Use the Internet intelligently

The Internet is library that's available at your fingertips! Make the most of it! Instead of blindly copy-pasting, read up, research and learn to re-write the matter in your words.

Pick up a part-time job

Look for a job, any job. Offer to work for free. The idea of getting a part-time job while still studying is not as much to earn money as much as it is to learn. There's nothing that'll teach you a thing or two about the real world like a part-time job.

Offer your services to an NGO

Offer your services to an NGO; there are hundreds that could do with your help. And there's a lot you can learn from them too -- there's nothing really that can help you stay in touch with grassroots reality than a stint in an NGO.

If you have a family business, offer to help!

Having a family business is a boon! Make the most of it. Visit the factory/shop every other day after college and learn how things work. The trade may not be something you're interested in. But just as a part-time job, there is a lot you will learn.

Plan your day

Once you're out of college/university, you will lose control of your day's schedule: your first job will ensure that happens! So make the most of your time in college. Regulate your life; get into a pattern; plan your day well; hit the gym, do yoga and keep yourself fit.

Improve your communication skills

Lack of communication skills remains one of this generation's biggest problems. Learn to express yourself clearly. Speak before a mirror; discuss issues with your friends -- not in a backslapping casual manner. Instead hold a serious discussion. Participate in public speaking events -- elocution, debates -- so you are able to speak extempore.

Choose your company wisely

As the adage goes: You are judged by the company you keep! Be with friends who are more intelligent than you, smarter and sharper and better than you. That's the only way you can improve.

Go beyond your curriculum

Take up an art appreciation course or learn a foreign language. Follow a course in photography or a computer course in coding or animation. The list is endless. An extra-curricular course will add that all important extra line to your CV.


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