Money isn't the only thing, IITians reject big pay checks

Money isn

The lure of attractive salaries, foreign postings and quick promotions seems to be losing its charm over the last few years. Young IITians...

The lure of attractive salaries, foreign postings and quick promotions seems to be losing its charm over the last few years.
Young IITians everywhere have been turning done the crore+ jobs being offered by both national and international MNC’S leaving their parents, and the firms themselves flabbergasted. It is for the first time in the history of such renowned institutions that students have rejected such high salary offers.
In IIT Banaras, Hindu University too, students have rejected high salary offers during campus placements and have opted for lower salaries that suited their requirements.
“Higher salary means greater tension in the job. We are starting our careers and have seen how some of our seniors have crumbled under such pressures. We want to work on our own terms and do not wish to burn ourselves out. Money is important but not at the cost of our lives,” said one of the four students who have turned down the offer.
Justifying their rejection to the golden goose jobs, the students say they rather prefer low pay jobs with flexible terms. Some want to continue higher studies and some to start their own firms instead of working under someone else.
“I stay with my aged parents and cannot afford to leave them alone and shift to a foreign location. It is more important for me to look after my family than to get jam with bread and butter,” said student who gave up an offer from an MNC and chose an Indian online trading firm.
This week four students of IIT Kanpur, including a girl student, rejected a Rs 1 crore per annum salary package offered to them by foreign companies.
“I want job satisfaction more than the money. I am not running after the luxuries in life but want a peaceful existence which is not possible in highly paid jobs like these,” a student said.
Rajiv Sangal, director, IIT BHU, said that he was happy to see this emerging trend where students are no longer chasing big packages but are weighing other aspects too.
“This proves that the young generations are firmly rooted and not as materialistic as it is made out to be. They young technocrats have their priorities firmly in place and know what they want. They want to pursue their academic goals and not get caught in the material web which is a very healthy sign for the future,” he said.
This would also check the brain drain from India because the young generation does not seem keen on migrating to developed nations for money.
These aspiring youths choose to run after their PASSION and not after money. They are the new face of the country.
Like said by Confucius, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
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