Centre mulling launch of Science at Doorsteps programme

Centre mulling launch of Science at Doorsteps programme

The government is planning to launch “Science at Doorsteps-' programme under which mobile laboratories would be made available for children in rural...

New Delhi: The government is planning to launch “Science at Doorsteps" programme under which mobile laboratories would be made available for children in rural areas for better understanding of the subject, Union Minister Y S Chowdary said here on Monday.

"Many of the primary schools do not have proper science laboratories. We are thinking of instituting certain models to facilitate mobile science labs. So that the children can be educated in a better way and their foundation can be strengthened," Chowdary said.

The minister of State for Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, while addressing scientists on the National Science Day, said the government was thinking on how to implement the plan which can help take science at the doorsteps of the school children. The National Science Day is marked on February 28 every year. The minister was addressing the scientists as he was busy on that day as the Union budget was presented in Parliament.

Chowdary also emphasised on having Public-Private –Partnership (PPP) programmes in the field of Research and Development. "There are many parts in the world where experiments cannot be conducted by scientists for some part of the year because of extreme weather. We can create an infrastructure where they can come and conduct their experiments here. It could just work like how medical tourism works," he said.

Chowdary added that scientific institutes in the country should become self-sufficient in terms of generating resources and scientist should have more appetite in taking risk. "I have started discussing internally that every institute of science and technology in the country should become self sufficient. It should not look for continuous support from the government. That comes from every one of you. If all of you start acting proactive," he said.

"Jobs are required for security purpose, but there are so many pressing needs to prove ourselves and benefit the nation and benefit ourselves. I have been thinking we should launch an entrepreneurial programme within the department. People should have some kind of risk appetite," the minister said.

The minister added that the economic growth has to come from the manufacturing sector and the manufacturing sector has to be synchoronised with the innovations based on various technologies whatever available. "Science and technology can help in making the 'Make in India' programme successful," Chowdary said.

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