Oh my word Personal, Personnel

Oh my word Personal, Personnel

They also talked about his pension prospects. Somehow or other, in spite of his long, irreproachable service in responsible positions in personnel and...

They also talked about his pension prospects. Somehow or other, in spite of his long, irreproachable service in responsible positions in personnel and special departments, he would probably not achieve his life’s dream, the ‘personal’ pension awarded to high officials.” – ‘Cancer Ward’ by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

Personal matters in big organisations are handled by Human Resources Personnel who are trained to do that. Human Resources Departments (HRDs) which are mandatory for big companies and firms or organisations will deal with the personnel’s welfare. Personal has many meanings: Belonging to a particular person unlike to a group or community; one’s own; private or exclusive; one’s private life not public or professional life; something done or acted upon by a person; something done or made for a particular person; offensive, critical, insulting, nasty (She could not take the personal attacks on her father anymore and had decided to approach the courts of an injunction); also refers to physical aspects – bodily, corporal, corporeal.

Personal matters are one’s private affairs; and one should respect one’s personal space! Other words derived from personal (adjective) are personality (noun: nature, character, identity), personalised (adjective: customised), personally (adverb: in your opinion, according to your viewpoint or your view, on your own), personification (noun), personalize or personalise (verb: claiming ownership of something: he personalised the flat by having a distinct colour in the apartment).

What is your PIN? My Personal Identification Number cannot be revealed. Aadhar is a personal identity card issued by the Government of India with which one can avail some financial benefits like buying an LPG cylinder. The word personnel refers to employees or staff, workers of a company or organisation; people employed by an organisation both public and private, for civil or military service; human resources and helpers.

The security personnel are highly in demand in the metros of India: Many persons from Bihar and Assam reach the top four cities of India for the job of security guards in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. Department of Personnel and Training is a wing of the Government of India which also oversees the postings and welfare of the All India Service Officers such as IAS, IPS and also their personal matters.

Defence personnel are usually protected by the state’s pension system unlike the civilians. Persons in positions of power in multinational companies usually care for their personnel. Politicians who occupy positions in government may not care for the ministry’s personnel but they do care their constituents.

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