Examination-Relax for a better future

Examination-Relax for a better future

With coming season of examinations. What come is not just exams, but exam- phobia that students’ face. While some students’ are very confident of their preparations, while others are stressed. The reason why exams produce so much stress in students is the fear of failure or getting low Percentage.

With coming season of examinations. What come is not just exams, but exam- phobia that students’ face. While some students’ are very confident of their preparations, while others are stressed. The reason why exams produce so much stress in students is the fear of failure or getting low Percentage.

The fact is that students who study well are also stressed , because they fear about their ranks at district or state level may be scored by one else, where as other students are stressed for reasons like Failure, Parental pressures, Society, Future etc. Stress to a certain extent is a driving force during examination season, as it helps to accomplish goals.
If stress crosses its limits it leads to serious problems like depression, anxiety, health problems, loneliness, phobias, suicidal tendencies etc. Which will turn to be nightmare for the student and as well as parents.

1 How can we say a child is stressed during examination?
The common symptoms of students stress during exams are they will be generally Restlessness, fear, act differently , Easily tired, lack of Concentration, Nausea, vomiting, Diarrhoea, lose weight, Cry, Frequent urination, Trouble falling or staying asleep, Trembling etc. Parents should be careful with them and should be a support for the child with love and care.
2 Tips for Night before the Exam?
The night before the exam is a launch pad for the test, so, student should be relaxed and should have a good sleep, before going to bed the child should be relaxed and should be in a cheerful mood , giving positive signals to the mind saying to one self that next morning something great is going to happen in life , that is examination path for the future is ready and should have a sound sleep.
3. How about the preparation of subject before the day of exam ?
Don’t spend the night before an exam trying to read new questions or new information that you have not read before. At this stage, just work with the exam notes or revise on what you have studied before. New information will certainly confuses you and you will not be a
ble to do justice to the new information or what you have revised. .

4. How to deal with Exam Anxiety ?
If you feel anxious about the limits of your knowledge regarding what you are going to answer, remind yourself that you will earn more marks by being refreshed and alert in the exam than by trying to go through a new topic into your short-term memory. Often short-term reading does not work. It’s better to know well what you have learned over the longer term than to panic and exhaust yourself at the last minute.

5. After Examination is it good to Discuses about the completed examination?
After the exam most of the students enjoy talking with others about their answers to exam questions. Beware – this may increase your exam anxiety. This will surely affect the next upcoming examination as you can do nothing about the past examination, so, don’t dwell on it, better be satisfied with what you have written and look forward with the next challenge of giving next exam much better. The aim is not to agonise over ‘what you could have done’, but rather to identify where you can improve your results next time. You should self analyze yourself , on time management , Revising your Revision, stress management etc.

6 What are the causes for exam stress in children ?
Parental pressure: Most parents do expect a lot from their children. This is certainly not a bad thing, but many a time, it can come across as being push towards the children. A lot of times, parents don't really put forth their expectations the right way, or in an encouraging way. This can really contribute towards exam related stress problems among children.
Many parents want to see their children in some positions which they may not have achieved, for example if Father or mother dream of becoming a doctor but they have not succeeded ,now they will try very hard to make their children to become a doctor without taking the likes and dislikes, ability or skills of their children into consideration.
Pressure at school: Most schools want splendid results from their students, for their Advertisements and for next year admission, so they directly and indirectly put a lot of pressure on the children to perform well.
This can be positive, for the students, but only if the children are trained to take this pressure the right way. c Peer pressure: In a school, children always compared with the co students mostly in Academics, These students develop a tendency of comparison in their Sub- conscious mind, if they don't perform well in exams as others, their self- esteem will be lowered.
Since exams are supposed to be a quantitative analysis, children think that this is a practical evaluation of how good they are. This comparison is root cause for all evils , never compare with anyone in this world, you are unique, you have your own talents and creativity, you have to choose it in right direction for your Victory.
7 ‘what are your suggestion for Parents ?
Parents can do wonderful things to help their children out on the day of the exam : 1.Make sure the child gets a full night's sleep the night before the exam don’t make them study for late hours, at this point of time they need rest and the brain should be in a relaxed state, then that or revising and over stressing.
2 Feed them with nutritious foods, avoid Junk food and restaurant food , a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, greens and yoghurt will provide them with the energy and stamina, Intake of fluids in the form of fresh fruit juices and buttermilk and plain water will keep their bodies hydrated.
3 Double check with your child to find out if they have everything they need to write their exams, it is better to make a check list of items to be taken for examination. 4 Plan a post exam activities like a small picnic, going to park, sea shore or at least plan a night out or at least ice cream. This would certainly make the student loosen up and lose the pressure they had gained because of the examination.

8 what are your suggestion for Students ? •
a Positive Self talk - this is an own internal dialogue. Make sure your self-talk remains positive and motivating, say to yourself that you will be successful in exams and you will score better.
• b Time table – Have a good study plan and time table , make a check list of the chapter to be studied and the completed ones.
• c Breaks – take short break of 5 minutes after every 25 minutes of study this will refresh mind and body.
•d. Study cycle – make 2 hours of study plan – split 2 hours time into 4 equal parts of 25 minutes with 5 minutes break in between , in this 4 slots rotate subjects and for study during preparation days befor exam, if it is just before exam rotate essay question, short questions, blanks etc .... so, that it creates interest towards studying.
•e Meditation and Breathing Exercise will help a lot during examination , practice taking a deep breath and exhale slowly so, that you get more oxygen for the brain, which will help one to be active and attentive towards the Goal of examination.

9 What type of Environment should be created at home during examination?
A peaceful and loving environment a home will be a great boon for the students during examination time, arguments and fights among family members should be avoided.
Students should have the liberty to study at their own convenient time instead of being forced to follow a schedule that suits parents. These little liberties will bring a lot of peace to the child’s weary mind.
If you the student request you to sit along with them at study time you can accompany them, or else give them the liberty to study of their own, this will boost their moral.
10 What is the role of TV and Internet during examination period?
Turn the TV off. While many students believe that they're good at multitasking, such as studying with the TV is on or while chatting online with friends, as human brain can’t cope up with many works at a time, For better studying performance, eliminate distractions such as TV and Internet.
Parents too should say no to TV. If they are watching Tv in a separate room too will divert the student towards TV shows, Concentration factor affects, parents should surely should sacrifice Screen space for the sake of children.
By APJ Vinu

The author is a psychologist, motivator and corporate trainer
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