Oh my word Loath, Loathe, Loth

Oh my word Loath, Loathe, Loth

India and Pakistan have a loathing for each other unless they come out of loathing they cannot promote trade between each other. Loathe means detest,...

India and Pakistan have a loathing for each other unless they come out of loathing they cannot promote trade between each other. Loathe means detest, to despise, to hate very much, abhor, abominate, having a strong dislike or aversion to someone or something. Loathe is a verb: word of action. Derivatives of loathe are loathes, loathed, loathing (noun).

What do you loathe is others? I loathe dishonesty and lies. One should not bring oneself to be loathed by his family and friends. How can a mother loathe her child even if he or she commits an unforgiveable act? There are families which loathe each other without caring to show elementary decency.

Political parties’ leaders loathe their rivals in public but in private they share their concerns: how to stash away their black money. Loathsome is also an adjective meaning hateful, disgust, horrible, obscene, nauseating, detestable, or yukky. “I loathe my childhood and all that remains of it.” -Jean-Paul Sartre“Estate agents. Love them or loathe them, you’d be made not to loathe them.” –Stephen Fry

Who loathes luxury? People loath to shift their houses probably it is a loathsome activity. Loath means unwilling, reluctant, against, opposed, averse, and disinclined: Loath is an adjective. But there is no loath says the The Guardian Book of English Language, in its place it gives reference to loth. However, many books cite that loath and loth as the interchangeable words. Nothing loath is an idiom meaning quite willing or eager to do something or in liking something.

Who can loath to visit Himalayas especially in Spring? One may loathe to go to the pilgrimages towns of the country because of the unclean surroundings but very dew may loathe to go Goa. “Big companies, often state-owned, have been loth to lose influence over politicians and domestic markets. The nationalization of energy policy has, if anything, accelerated.” –The Economist March 7 2015

Children may loath to go to schools. The atmosphere in the school grounds may not be motivating or inspirational to play a good game. The children could be helped, because we love them and no one loathes them, to come out of loathing situation by encouraging them and by seeking their feedback as to what exactly they want, and they want to do.

One may loathe at the sight of poverty in India but it seems politicians and political establishment is loath to change the social conditions in the country. Who do you loathe? None. Many people may loath to compromise on their principles.

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