Find that perfect job

Find that perfect job

The most frequently asked question during one’s childhood is “What do you want to become when you grow up?” The question always inspires us and prods...

The most frequently asked question during one’s childhood is “What do you want to become when you grow up?” The question always inspires us and prods us to think about our future; most of us must have imagined ourselves as doctors, astronauts or engineers all set to change the world with creative ideas and talent.

But once we actually grow up, the same question becomes a nightmare and we begin to realise that the answer to that question isn’t so easy after all. The myriad choices of professions out there make this question even tougher to answer. Adding to this confusion, there is also the stress to get a job and start earning as early as possible. This pressure often forces most of us to take up jobs which may or may not be relevant to our academics and as time passes by most of us start to regret our decisions.

Other than this, once absorbed into a field, it’s hard for one to find a way out of it. To avoid being a part of this vicious cycle, here are few tips that can help you in this regard.

Find your passion

What do you really love? Where is it that your heart lies?

What would you love to do for the rest of your life?

Are you highly creative? May be you could be a graphic designer.

Do you have a flair for words and expression? You could be a writer!

Does your interest lie in the technical or technological world? Well, there are many options within this field as well. Once you know which broad industry you would like to work in, you can make an informed decision about the particular field.

Simply spending a little time with yourself will help you in this regard.

Hire a career coach

Sometimes, it can be tough to pinpoint what you really want to do or what you should do. This, as aforementioned, stems from too many options and the pressure to get a job quickly. If you are hard pressed to find the right job, we recommend a career coach or a mentor. A career coach, being experienced in careers and the industry, will guide you through the entire process of job search. If you'd like advice on your current job and career growth, a career coach will do that as well. Therefore, choosing one can be a great idea.

Remember that there are many coaches out there and finding the best one for your needs purely depends on you.

Searching online on networks such as LinkedIn and seeking referrals are two of the safest ways to find a reliable coach.

Also, once you zero in on a couple of them, you should ask questions and find out about their success rate.

This will tell you whether the coach is trustworthy.

Of course, price is also an important factor.

Compare the charges of at least three shortlisted candidates and then make your pick. Experience comes at a price, which is why you should be prepared to spend some money. If you choose the right career coach, every penny will be worth it.

Polish your skills

It is crucial to note that your educational qualification may or may not play a vital role. The world is an open book today and allows you to choose different fields of careers based on your interests.

However, technical job roles call for educational qualification as well.

In these lines, choosing a particular job role based on your interests and skills is recommended.

If you have a creative edge to you and would like to branch out, you should go for it. It may be daunting in the beginning but following your passion has mostly always been rewarding.

Experts say that you should be the best at what you do and you’ll succeed!

Keeping this in mind, strive to learn at every step so that you are successful in whatever career path you choose.

Follow your heart and polish your skills!

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