Oh my word Envelop, Envelope

Oh my word  Envelop, Envelope

Enveloped in deep thought of varied subjects, he stepped out of the house to buy envelopes to post the summaries of subjects he had jot down the...

Enveloped in deep thought of varied subjects, he stepped out of the house to buy envelopes to post the summaries of subjects he had jot down the previous night. Envelop is a verb (word of action). Envelop means covering or surrounding or wrapping something or somebody with something; cover something completely; enveloped is often followed by in. Envelop refers to concealing something; obscure or veil in, cloak or encircle. Derivatives of envelop are envelops, enveloped, enveloping (verbs); envelopment (noun).

The Seshacham forests of Eastern Ghats are enveloped in a mist as the police began their patrolling against red sanders’ smugglers. One may see people often sleeping on the streets of the national capital enveloped in blankets to protect themselves from the cold and noise. The trench coat envelops most of the body and helps to keep way the rain and cold in cold weather conditions.

As they met at the airport’s arrival lounge, they enveloped for a long time for they were seeing each other after almost a decade.The northern India is almost enveloped by the Himalayan mountain chain with passes here and there to enter into Tibet and China. Their house is enveloped in money-plant! Figuratively, envelop refers to something that is not plain or evident but mysterious: Her eyes are enveloped in undetectable emotion.

His face was enveloped in mystery and thus his parents could not make out anything from him. Envelope is a noun. Envelope is a cover or wrapper made of paper. Envelope is a folded paper that acts like a container with a sealable flap to insert something and sent as a letter. Envelope is a wrapper, a casing to hold or cover something, cover or sheath. Envelopes come in many sizes and shapes depending upon what one has to send. Envelope also refers to a structure in a hot-air balloon or airship containing the gas.

The post office personnel can get irritated in metros when one goes with more than a dozen envelopes to post! She stood in the queue at the post office to send an envelope to her niece in Mumbai the commercial and movie capital of India.What’s there in the envelope? With the arrival of emails and scanners, envelopes can also disappear as the post offices had in some Western countries. Where is the stationery shop to buy inland letters and envelopes? They clutched their hands and walked out of the house with an envelope that contained the will but their faces are enveloped in extreme emotions of anger and affection. - Kovuuri G Reddy

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