Is education ruining reading habit?

Is education ruining reading habit?

Todays education is pruning and ruining the reading habit this statement looks fiddly, but it is a fact In our country, reading habits are significantly reduced, particularly in the younger generation This is making them as timid in communicating both in oral and written forms

Today’s education is pruning and ruining the reading habit- this statement looks fiddly, but it is a fact. In our country, reading habits are significantly reduced, particularly in the younger generation. This is making them as timid in communicating both in oral and written forms.

In a study conducted by Chaudhury and Low(2009) has made an interesting analysis of the depleted reading habit. They have enlisted this probable reason such as s no idea what to read, lack of resources, cost of materials, work commitment and finally today’s demon surfing of internet are pruning the reading habit. To overcome these curriculum designers should have to think about incorporating a variety of concepts that will improve reading habits and making the young students more confident instead of diffident.

Though the process of education has lot of reading and writing exercises they are confined to only academic concepts. Further, due to the availability of varied sources the younger generations are acclimatised for copy-paste nature instead of creating. This misery is due to the low appetite for reading. “Reading is an act of civilisation; it’s one of the greatest acts of civilisation because it takes the free raw material of the mind and builds castles of possibilities.”

This remark of Ben Okri laid its emphasis on the merits of reading. But the younger generation has turned its deaf ear to this remark and caught in the iron hug of the internet of things. It is noticeable in past the language textbooks flourished with literary content such as famous dramas, poetry that made the learner more expressive and communicative. But, now the picture is different.

The language books are crammed with many irrelevant topics that are not able to promote the pillar skills of language LSRW to make an impact on the young minds. The access of the internet and the cheaper rates of networks have robbing the leisure time of the Gen-Y and encouraging them to drown in browsing. We all aware of what the significance of Francis Bacon quote “Reading maketh a full man: Conference a ready man; and writing an exact man” But, today reading means only for scholastic achievement and for acquiring ranks.

It is perceptible that the parent's aspirations, peer group pressure, tight academic schedule etc pressurising the student tribe to focus only on curricular subjects. All these factors made them as bookworms but not readers. We are well aware of the literary abilities of the late Sarojini Naidu at her tender age due to avid reading. But now, it is very hard to find such type of abilities in our younger generation because that has become a caged parrot in the hands of educators. The social agencies other than a school such as home, society has ignored the interest of the young generation.

Particularly, the home has become less interactive to the kids; busy schedule of parents and the television programmes robbing the chances of quality time spent with their children. The state also ignoring the public libraries and their role in the promotion of reading and comprehension: In the past, they have crowded with quality readers, intellectuals.

It has become an ever unfulfilled dream of Mahatma: “Education is nothing but all-round development”. The classrooms of schools and colleges have become mere concept filling centres and have forgotten the sanctity of W.B. Yeats remark “Education is not filling the pail but the lighting of the fire”.

It seems this rat race for marks and grades is unpreventable of this trend continues and makes the education process is meant for degrees and certificates. Further, it is also noticeable that proper guidance also necessary for the younger generations about the reading what to read and what not to read”. The habit of reading is really more helpful for an individual to evolve as a complete human being after birth.

According to the co-founder of inspiration boost JJ. Wong reading will help an individual 1) by giving exposure to new things, 2) for the self-improvement, 3) Improve understanding 4) Prepare for the action 5) Gain the experiences form the other successful people 6) It will offer tools of communicating 7) it will improve cerebral abilities with direct connection 8) Boost imagination and creativity. If all these traits are developed in an individual surely he /she will be able to handle the success in the arena of life where the comprehension and communication have become most important factors in this Cenozoic era.

It is more convincing fact that if the parents and teachers are able to expose the gen-Y to the reading habits then they will become more worthy in all areas. It is so right Charles W.Elio’s remark that “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest counsellors and the most patient of teachers”.

- E Gajendra Nath Reddy

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