Things to Consider While Lighting Up Parks & Their Pathways

Things to Consider While Lighting Up Parks & Their Pathways

spotlights at the foot of trees help in creating a spectacular impact.

A park in a residential or an office area is more than just a green zone. It is a turf to breath in positivity and unwind amidst a hectic day at work or home. To ensure optimum utilization of these parks, adopting the right landscape lighting solution, is imperative. The outdoor illumination of gardens, parks, estates, termed as landscape lighting, not just infuses an optimistic vibe and adds a splendid touch, but also ensures the safety and security of visitors.

Why Landscape LED Lighting is gaining prominence?

With the mantra of subsistence living gaining ground, both manufactures and consumers are increasingly adopting green landscape lighting with LED. On one hand while LED landscape lights have become the preferred choice of the architects today, market leaders in the Lighting industry are also aggressively investing to innovate more and more LED landscape lighting products. A case in point is Wipro Lighting. The brand offers a variety of landscape lights, crafted with latest technology and boasting premium features. For instance, Urbano LED Pathway is one of the popular Wipro LED landscape lights utilized for park pathways. Park pathways form an important aspect of Park illumination, and the product fits the bill.

Wipro Urbano LED Pathway

Urbano LED Pathway conforms to the latest standards of eco-friendly lighting. It does not emit heat and UV rays in the air and is ideal for outdoor lighting. Further, it conforms to IS 10322 Part 5 / Sec 1: 1987 qualifying to be a durable and sustainable option for lighting up various outdoor setups.

Essentials of perfect landscape lighting

If you too are planning to zero in on the right landscape lighting solution for your park and its pathways, then we suggest you keep the following in mind to arrive at best results.

Make an eco-friendly choice

LED is the latest trend in pathway lighting. LED lights are an eco-friendly option in comparison to the fluorescent lights, which emit massive heat in the air. LED lights also deal with the problem of UV emission effectively. Moreover, LEDs have a longer shelf life in comparison to conventional bulbs and provide for energy savings.

Place the landscape pathway lights strategically

LEDs work as recessed lights, lanterns, strip lights, bollard lights and more, to light up the park pathways. However, placing them at a safe distance is important. The placement of lights should be such that they do not obstruct the visitor’s path.

  • Spotlights and lanterns can be placed in a row on both sides of the pathway. Maintaining a distance of at least one foot on both sides to ensure the safety of the passerby, is advisable.
  • Strip lights can be placed a bit closer to the pathway to ensure an illuminated route throughout.

Formz LED Strip from Wipro

The Formz LED strip light by Wipro is a popular name among strip lights. It not only cuts down energy consumption by half but also has a longer life in comparison to the conventional bulbs.

  • For the raised pathways, the placement of upward lights should be at the lower edges on both the sides.
  • The fixtures for downward lighting should be ideally placed at the height of around 14 inches to ensure uniform illumination in all directions.
  • While illuminating the stairways, make sure that the landscape light sources guide people while climbing the steps. The lighting should not be too dim or too bright. If the light beams are too bright and intrusive, they may prove troublesome to a passerby.

The positioning of light fixtures should be right

The light fixture is highly relevant in the sphere of landscape lighting. Depending upon the areas to be illuminated, the light fixtures can be mounted on the ground or at a certain height. When illuminating a target area from below, light fixtures should be mounted at a lower level. However, the fixtures need to be installed on a tree or a pole when illuminating a wide area. Along with the upward and downward lighting, the directional lighting also needs to be considered.

Accentuate the features of the park

Be it a water body in a park or the tree lines; they are best accentuated with the right landscape lighting. The water bodies can be illuminated with lights along the edges. Some lights may be placed underwater to add depth to the illumination and create a picturesque spot. Moreover, spotlights at the foot of trees help in creating a spectacular impact.

Lighting fixtures need to stand the test of time

For lighting fixtures, the price should not be the only purchasing criteria. Considering the resistance to harsh weather is also important. Such fixtures that have weather-resistant finish are likely to stand the test of time. Brass and copper are ideal for light fixtures, as they stand tall in all weather conditions.

Landscape lighting has received a new approach with LED light variants.Eco-friendly LED lighting is profitable in the long run. With these factors, one can make the best of Landscape Lighting, while doing their bit for the environment.

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