Toeing the fashion line

Toeing the fashion line

Toeing the Fashion Line, Toe Rings, Women's Toes. Toe rings are little rings similar to finger rings which are slipped onto women's toes. These rings can be plain or ornamental.

Toe rings adorn your feet and add a touch of glamour

Toe rings are little rings similar to finger rings which are slipped onto women's toes. These rings can be plain or ornamental. However, these rings have a small gap at the bottom which facilitates easy movement and better adjustability. While it is customary for Indian women to wear toe rings after marriage, toe rings are becoming very fashionable in Western countries.

A toe ring can be worn on any of the toes. It is so far mostly worn by women. “Toe ring is a customary piece of jewellery worn by the married Hindu women in India. Like sindoor and mangalsutra, it signifies her married status. It is called ‘bichiya’ in Hindi. They are usually made of silver and worn in pairs on the second toe of both feet. Today it is a fashion symbol and made out of various metals and is also worn singly or in unmatched pairs,” says Shaymala, owner of a cosmetic store, General Bazar.

Traditionally they are quite ornate, though more contemporary designs are now being made. “Gold is a respected metal among Hindus and is traditionally not worn below the waist and this is why toe rings are not usually made of gold. Nowadays even this is not followed very strictly and a wide range of gold and diamond toe rings are available in the market,” shares Archana Kota, works with an MNC.

There is a wide choice in toe rings and there is something that appeals to each and every woman.

Coiled Toe Rings: These are also known as spiral toe rings. A spiral has always been associated with the life cycle, and feminine power. These toe rings usually feature a single flexible wire of metal which is shaped into a coil.

Beaded Toe Rings: These fashion trend containing toe rings give style to women’s feet when worn with open-toed sandals. Such style rings are frequently opted to fit with the shade of the costume dressed. Beads made of glass or plastic with distinct colors are applied on metal/plastic/ glass toe rings to present them a charming presentation.

Studded Toe Rings: Other designs include stones studded in little grooves linked with stretchy material. Studded toe rings can be worn to formal occasions and weddings since they add sparkle to the overall appearance of a woman.

Plastic toe ring: Plastic toe rings are available in different colors with elastic bands which fit snugly on toes. Manufacturers are offering custom-made toe rings which provide the wearer with an opportunity to personalize their style statement.

Toe rings are the latest fashion rage, and have found their place in every woman's wardrobe in India and abroad.

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