Modi hits out at Cong

Modi hits out at Cong

Reveal your CM candidate, Gujarat CM dares Congress Addressing the much awaited poll rally here on Sunday, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi hit...

Reveal your CM candidate, Gujarat CM dares Congress modiAddressing the much awaited poll rally here on Sunday, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi hit out at the Congress party for failing on all fronts and urged the people of Karnataka to vote the BJP back to power in the state. Lashing out at the Congress Modi said that the country knows too well as to what the grand old part was capable of and so the voters would not make the mistake of handing over the reins of Karnataka to them. Urging the voters not to trust the Congress he said, "Can anyone make the mistake of liking the Congress? People gave Delhi to them and faced the consequences." "I want voters to ask the Congress - every form of government is in Delhi and CBI is also in Delhi. However, is Delhi safe and secure? So how can anyone have faith in the Congress? If they cannot manage Delhi, how can they manage Karnataka," he asked. "We have to save the state. Karnataka should not go into the hands of the Congress party," he added. Attacking the Congress further Modi said, "It is in the blood of Congress party to go back on what they say. They had promised to reduce price rise but it was not to be. On the contrary price has been rising relentlessly." Accepting the fact that all was not well as far as the BJP was concerned in Karnataka, the Gujarat Chief Minister said, "We were faced with internal turmoil for the past couple of months. But we did not let that come in the path of progress and development of the state." He also praised Karnataka CM saying, "No one could have run the state the way Jagdish Shetter did inspite of the fact that he was faced with so many obstacles. Modi exhorted the voters to vote the BJP back to power, "Karnataka is going to decide as to what their future is going to be for the next five years. Whoever is bothered about the future of the state will vote for BJP in large numbers." "I have as much faith in the voters of Karnataka as I have in the voters of Gujarat. I am sure the people will once again make BJP victorious," he added. He rebuked the Congress for not revealing as to who their CM candidate is going to be. "The Congress should at least say as to who their CM will be. Nobody knows as to whose hand it's going to be," he said. Taking a dig at Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi said that if power was 'poison' then what was the Congress vice president doing by going around asking people to vote for the Congress in Karnataka.
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