Why comfort foods feel so good

Why comfort foods feel so good

Why Comfort Foods Feel So Good

Forget gourmet delights or opulent spreads, it is the eternal favourites that brings a smile on one's face

There's nothing like appeasing one's gastronomic cravings. The contentment that a foodie gets after eating that scrumptious food is a high like none other.
Even though we are all particular about what we eat and make a fuss about how bad the paneer or chicken was cooked, there are still a good number of things we would love to eat no matter how they are cooked.
This is especially true when one is in a foreign land.Says Lakshmi, a homemaker living in canberra, "I love idly sambar and can eat it any time of the day. I am a South Indian, who can eat the same for breakfast, lunch and dinner."
Idly and bread were once considered as foods for sick people. However, of late, the healthbenefits of idly came to be understood. The steamed preparation is not filling, but also a safe option if you are not sure of the hotel.
Nitin Mukesh, a software professional, says, "I am bachelor staying away from home. I can't cook and hate to venture out for food after a hard day's work. Hence, the best option for me is to order for home delivery."
These are what one calls comfort foods — that which you can have any time and any number of times — most importantly it gives you a sense of satisfaction. Heard of food therapy? Various studies have found that you can beat the blues with good food. And the options are aplenty. Hasn't a bar of chocolate lifted your spirit?
Debabrata Ghosh, a software consultant says, "When I feel low, I simply order a pizza. It's not just yum, but also a great mood booster."
All said and done, sometimes we can live on these comfort foods for days without getting bored.
All time favourite comfort food:
Idly, vada, sambar: No matter which part of the world you belong to, the idly-vada-sambar is an irresistible breakfast combo. Hot idlis dipped in sambar with a dash of ghee is sure to make you crave for more.
Alu paratha: This Punjabi staple is popular across the globe. Nothing is more appetizing than to see a hot paratha cooked on tawa with a blob of butter melting away.
Instant noodles: Call it unhealthy or sacrilege, but most of us Indians still like our instant noodles best and still find it a satisfying meal.
Pizza: The oven-baked round bread is perhaps one of the most filling and delightful meals that one can ever have.
Burger: Cheesy, greasy and yet so irresistible, it's available across all corners of the globe, making it an all-time favourite.
Corn: The latest craze to hit India in the recent past is the American sweet corn, with an Indian makeover. The variants include — chat masala, pepper, chilli corn, butter corn.
Sandwiches: No we're not talking subs or the Yankee ones. We're talking the traditional style. Walk into any bakery or a small joint and the sandwich is simply not to miss.
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