Why Indian spices are must in cooking: Flavourful, healthy

Why Indian spices are must in cooking: Flavourful, healthy

Why Indian spices are must in cooking: Flavourful, healthy

Ajwain [Cumin]:

Known for excellent indigestion relievers, the little seeds of Ajwain also work as a natural aphrodisiac. With the traditional spice mix, saunf paani helps to ease digestion as it includes fennel, cumin, carom seeds.

Amchur [Dried Mango Powder]:

Recommended generally for pregnant women as it contains high iron, Amchur also helps in reducing acidity.

Tej Patta [Bay Leaf]:

Tej Patta which is a part of ‘Garam Masala’ wards off urinary tract infections and increases the immunity.

Laung [Cloves]:

Laung helps boost the digestive functioning, promotes enzymatic flow, reduces toothache and is a useful remedy for asthma.

Elaichi [Cardamom]:

Elaichi which is mainly used to add flavor in the variety food items, is also used in medicines to relieve flatulence along with digestion problems. Headache caused by indigestion can be eased with tea made from cardamom and also for depression.

Hing [Asafoetida]:

The infamous lingering odour of Hing is a popularly called devil’s dung but it is an accepted addition to Indian cuisine as it spreads a pleasant flavor. Also, hing soothes bee stings, relieves menstrual pain and helps in curing acne.

Kesar [Saffron]:

Kesar, an ingredient mainly used as a seasoning agent for cooking and coloring, helps in circulation of blood along with relieving kidney stones and stomach aches.

Haldi [Turmeric]:

Haldi is not only adds colour to the food but serves as an agent in improving the circulation of blood and helps relieving stomach aches and kidney stones.

Methi [Fenugreek]:

Perfect ingredient for lowering cholesterol as it reduces blood sugar levels; Methi is useful in treating diabetes. It also flushes out toxins, purifies blood and maintains a good metabolism.

Kaali Mirch [Black Peppercorn]:

Kaali Mirch has been proved through scientific studies that the cholesterol lowering properties in it helps in cardiac function recovery after heart attacks.

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