The Best of Lebanon at The Square, Novotel
The Best of Lebanon at The Square, Novotel

Indulge in a culinary trip to the exotic land of Lebanon at Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre till Sunday, 25th February. Relish on the scrumptious delicacies from Lebanon and Morocco in all its authenticity at their all day dining ‘The Square’. 

The skillful Chefs will showcase this international cuisine in a one-of-a-kind epicurean experience. Sharing roots with other Middle-Eastern cuisines, Lebanese food is universally appreciated with iconic dishes that tantalize the taste-buds of every gourmand.

 During the festival, the Moroccan and Lebanon inspired décor elements will let the guest swallow in various delicacies at an environment manifesting the authenticity of this international cuisine. 

The traditional dishes displayed for the festival will be scrumptious kibbeh - national dish of Lebanon served grilled, baked, boiled in yogurt sauce or fried. Another popular dish from this region is the Mezze- style spread small plates, dips, and salads meant to be shared as an appetizer course or light meal. Fatayer served as a type of meat pie will also have a vegetarian alternative stuffed with spinach.

  “Lebanese food is hearty with sugar, spice and all things nice, similar to what we offer our guests. We truly hope that this food festival will turn out as a unique adventure for the locals who are interested in an exemplary gourmet experience. 

Thus we have tried to celebrate the rich heritage by recreating the authentic taste and texture of this cuisine to give an unadulterated taste of Lebanon.” says Gaurav Malhotra, Executive Chef, Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre 

 Food connoisseurs can delight in traditional Lebanese dishes like Samboussak, Kunafa, Shawarma, Sishtaouk, Baklava, Bamakhara, Basboussain their original and authentic context with live cooking stations and an optional indoor or outdoor seating at The Square until February25th.

Where: The Square, Novotel & HICC Complex 
When: 16th Feb – 25th Feb
Time: 6:30 pm – 11.30 pm
Rate: INR 1600 plus taxes, INR 900 plus taxes for kids