KCR makes all the difference in Medak

KCR makes all the difference in Medak

TRS Chief KCR Makes All The Difference in Medak. Medak district is in South Telangana surrounded by North Telangana districts. Medak has been a noted place in national politics since Indira Gandhi represented this constituency in parliament.

Medak district is in South Telangana surrounded by North Telangana districts. Medak has been a noted place in national politics since Indira Gandhi represented this constituency in parliament. It is also noted for another reason-K Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR), chief of Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) hails from this district. Yet another reason is that KCR has chosen to fight for both Assembly and parliament and he has selected both the seats in this district-Medak Lok Sabha seat and Gajwel Assembly seat.

Medak (LS): KCR is pitted against Doctor Shravan Kumar Reddy of the Congress and Chagandla Narendranath of the BJP. The Congress candidate was a leader of YSRCP till he was selected by the Congress high command. He is doctor based in Hyderabad. Narendranath has been nursing the constituency for some years. He is known for his public service and pro-people attitude. KCR has evolved a strategy of strengthening the seven Assembly segments in Medak Lok Sabha constituency and implemented it efficiently. Soon after the nominations were filed, the TRS leaders and cadres started election campaign in a big way. Even before the Congress and the BJP were ready with their publicity material, KCR had undertaken whirlwind tour of the Lok Sabha constituency. TRS has been leading its rivals in electioneering effort. Because of this strategy the TRS in Siddipet, Dubbaka, Gajwel, Medak, Narsapur, Sanganreddy and Patancheru Assembly segments has been prepared for the battle. TRS has been strong in Siddipet, Dubbaka and Medak Assembly constituency right from its formation. All the three constituencies elected TRS candidates in 2004. In 2009 TRS was part of Grand Alliance. TRS won Siddipet, lost in Dubbaka with a slight margin while Medak was won by the TDP, the alliance partner. Gajwel has a strong Telangana sentiment. But there was lack of able leadership. Congress had won this seat in 2009. That is the reason why KCR had decided to contest from here. Medak Lok Sabha seat has been with the TRS right from 2004. It was bagged by Ale Laxaman, former BJP leader who joined the TRS as second in command after KCR. He died recently. In 2009, this seat was won by film actor-turned-politician Vijaya Shanti. She scraped through in the last election by a margin of just six thousand votes over the then Congress candidate Chagandla Narendranath. Vijaya Shanti owes her victory to Harish Rao who got a huge majority for the TRS in Siddipet constituency.

The Congress candidate in LS constituency is a new face. In the last general election when Chagandla Narendranath was the Congress candidate, he did well in Sangareddy, Narsapur, Patancheru and Medak Assembly segments. When the ministers and MLAs in the district refused to cooperate with him, Narendranath had to join the BJP. Since the BJP does not have strong cadre base, he is not able to offer semblance of a fight to the TRS. There is no coordination between the TDP and the BJP. KCR is way ahead of others and his victory is assured.

Siddipet: Harish Rao is fight from this constituency for the fifth time. Congress has fielded Thogari Srinivas Goud and the BJP candidate is S Vidyasagar. Harish Rao is certain to register yet another remarkable win.

Dubbaka: It is adjacent to Siddipet. Solipeta Ramalinga Reddy, former journalist, was the TRS candidate in 2009 elections. The Congress has fielded Cheruku Mutyam Reddy. Maddula Nageswara Rao was in the field as PRP candidate. Mutyam Reddy won with over 2000 votes majority. Same rivals are in the fray again-Mutyam Reddy representing the Congress and Ramalinga Reddy TRS. Raghunandan Rao who was a close associate of Harish Rao until he differed with the TRS leadership is the joint candidate of the TDP and the BJP in this constituency. The allegations he made against KCR, Harish Rao and Vijaya Shanti have been considered by court as basis for ordering inquiry on Friday into the assets of the three leaders. The contest, however, is mainly between the Congress and the TRS. Mutyam Reddy would give a good fight if he can get the cooperation of the Congress leaders and workers. KCR’s popularity will help Ramalinga Reddy, the TRS candidate, in the ultimate analysis. Raghunandan Rao is conducting an aggressive campaign.

Gajwel: KCR is contesting from the Assembly constituency besides Medak Lok Sabha constituency. The TRS workers who were slow to start with picked up gradually and established control over the situation. Vanteru Pratap Reddy, a joint candidate of the BJP and the TDP is a capable politician. Tumkunta Narsa Reddy, sitting MLA, is contesting again on the Congress ticket. He is facing anti-incumbency. Pratap Reddy who was in the fray as TDP candidate in 2009 has been working among the people for ten years. Though TDP has been facing problems in other areas, Reddy could retain his cadres in this constituency. Pratap Reddy might give a tough fight to KCR.

Medak: Vijaya Shanti, sitting MP, was fielded in Medak Assembly constituency. She was elected as MP on TRS ticket in 2009 fighting on behalf of the Grand Alliance. Later she left the TRS and joined the Congress recently. Padma Devender Reddy, a strong TRS leader, is giving Vijaya Shanti a good fight. Padma played an important role in Telangana movement. She was in the forefront in all the protest programmes in Medak district. Vijaya Shanti as an MP had strived to get Akkannapet-Medak railway line sanctioned. Congress leader Shashidhar Reddy is working half-heartedly. TDP candidate Batti Jagapati has public sympathy. But his party has lost its steam in the course of Telangana movement. Tough fight between Vijaya Shanti and Padma Devender is on cards.

Narsapur: As the polling day is approaching, a lot of changes are taking place in Narsapur constituency presently represented by former minister Sunita Lakshma Reddy. Sunita has been winning from this constituency right from 1999. She won for three times so far. This time she is facing a stiff challenge from the TRS candidate Chilumula Madan Reddy. Sunita is known to be always available for the people. She has been working for development of the constituency. But trible anti-incumbency is showing a bit. Madan Reddy earlier lost as TDP candidate and gained the sympathy of the people. He is known for his integrity. He should have mingled more with the people, his admirers say. Madan Reddy is related to Chilumula Vittal Reddy of CPI, a former MLA who is no more. Laxma Reddy, who has been Sunita’s close follower, and CPI leader Kishan Reddy have joined the TRS. With the influx of TDP cadre, the TRS has gained in strength. It is a source of worry for the former minister. Chagandla Balvindernath, son of Narendranath, BJP candidate in Medak Lok Sabha constituency, is the BJP candidate in Narsapur. Local BJP leaders felt disappointed as they were denied ticket and a youth was preferred. As it is predominantly a rural constituency, the BJP factor has its limitations. The contest is keen between the Congress and the TRS.

Patancheru: It is a key constituency in Medak parliamentary constituency. Nandishwar Goud, sitting MLA, is contesting again on the Congress ticket. TRS has fielded Gudem Mahipal Reddy while TDP-BJP candidate is Sapandev. YSRCP has nominated Srinivas Goud. It is a keen fight between Congress, TRS and TDP candidates. Settlers are in considerable numbers in this constituency. Their votes might tilt the balance in favour of the TDP. BHEL workers and other industrial workers who took part in Telangana movement are supporting the TRS. Leaders like Chandra Reddy who played prominent role in the TDP are now supporting Mahipal Reddy. Nandishwar Goud is facing anti-incumbency factor. JAC president and MLC Bhupal Reddy has not been supporting the Congress candidate. Anji Reddy, a prominent industrialist who expected BJP ticket is in the fray as an independent. YSRCP candidate also can attract considerable votes. It is a close contest between the Congress and the TRS.

Sangareddy: This is the constituency represented by Turpu Jayaprakash Reddy (Jagga Reddy) of the Congress. He is again in the fray on Congress ticket. TRS has fielded Chinta Prabhakar. The BJP candidate is former MLA K Satyanarayana. Jaggareddy had reiterated even after the AICC had taken a decision to concede Telangana statehood demand that he is an integrationist. The Telangana protagonists are opposing his candidature. He also made some controversial remarks regarding Muslims. However, Jagga Reddy is a mass leader. He is known to be of help to the needy. In 2009 there was a TRS candidate in Sangareddy on behalf of Grand Alliance. But Jagga Reddy persuaded Chandrababu Naidu and got a TDP ticket and won with a thin majority of some 6000 votes. The popularity of the TRS has grown after the Telangana Bill was passed by parliament. Satyanarayana of the BJP also can attract considerable number of votes. The YSRCP candidate Gaurireddy Sridhar Reddy is not in a position to make a difference.

Since TRS is strong in most of the seven Assembly segments in Medak Lok Sabha constituency, KCR is expected to win with big majority.

Zaheerabad (LS): Zaheerabad is the second Lok Sabha constituency from Medak district. The sitting MP is Suresh Shetkar. He is again in the fray as the Congress candidate. TDP-BJP candidate is Madanmohan Rao while TRS has fielded BB Patil. YSRCP has nominated Mohammad Mohiuddin. The main contest between the Congress and the TRS candidates. TRS candidate Patil and TDP candidate Madanmohan Rao are contesting elections for the first time. There is a spurt in the TRS activity in all the seven Assembly segments. Particularly Andol, Zaheerabad and Narayankhed which have been strongholds of the Congress party are now tottering.

There are three Assembly segments which fall under Zaheerabad Lok Sabha constituency. They are: Zaheerabad, Andol and Narayankhed. Four constituencies of Nizamabad district- Kamareddy, Banswada, Jukkal and Yellareddy- also come under Zaheerabad Lok Sabha constituency. The Nizamabad assembly segments were discussed yesterday. Let us examine the three Medak constituencies.

Andol (SC): Former Deputy Chief Minister Damodar Rajanarasimha is contesting again on the Congress ticket here. Babu Mohan, film actor-turned-politician, who resigned from TDP after the poll schedule was announced was given the TRS ticket. BJP has fielded Yellaiah. Damodar Rajanasimha has won both in 2004 and 2009. Former minister in the TDP cabinet Babu Mohan is trying to break Damodar’s hold on the constituency. TRS has been weak in this constituency right from the inception. Only recently it has picked up. TDP cadres which were supporting Babu Mohan all these years also have joined the TRS. Jaipal Reddy who has been with Damodar Rajanarasimha has joined the TRS. Damodar is allegedly inaccessible to the people of the constituency. Even the development works taken up at the intiative of Dy CM, were given to the contractors who are his relatives or friends. However, since the Congress leadership has announced that the first Telangana Chief Minister would be a Dalit, the stock of Damodar Rajanarasimha has gone up. The main contest would be between the Congress and the TRS.

Narayankhed: It is a Congress stronghold. It is the native place of the MP candidate Suresh Shetkar. P Krishna Reddy, sitting MLA, is again contesting on the Congress ticket. Two brothers Jaipal Reddy and Bhupal Reddy are in the fray on TDP and TRS ticket respectively. YSRCP has fielded Nagesh Shetkar. Here it is a triangular fight between Congress, TRS and the TDP candidates.

Zaheerabad: Last but not the least, Geetha Reddy, former minister, is facing a stiff challenge from TRS candidate Manik Rao and TDP’s Narotham in this constituency. At first it appeared as a cakewalk for the former minister. Senior leader Fariduddin is reportedly working against Geetha Reddy. Former MLA Changal Baganna and former Municipal Chairman Muralikrishna Goud joined the TRS giving a boost to the party. There are more than 60 thousand Minority voters. Their votes will influence the outcome.

Even in Zaheerabad Lok Sabha constituency, the TRS appears to be giving tough fight to the Congress.

(With inputs from K Ranga Chary, Staff Reporter, HMTV, Sangareddy)

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