The swans and the tortoise

The swans and the tortoise

The swans and the tortoise. Tortoise by name Kambugriva lived in a small lake. It had two swan friends.

Tortoise by name Kambugriva lived in a small lake. It had two swan friends.

Every day, the swans came to the lake and talked to the tortoise. Often, they told stories of gods and rishis to the tortoise. They returned to their nests at night-fall.
Once there was no rain for a long time and the lake had almost become dry.
The swans asked the tortoise, "Friend, what will you do when there is no water left?"
"I am also worried," replied the tortoise.
It continued, "I have been thinking about it. I must go to some other place. If you bring a strong rope or light stick, I shall cling it with my teeth and you can fly me, by holding the two ends of the rope or stick in your beaks, to any other lake where there is plenty of water. "
"A good idea!" said the swans. "We shall surely carry you tomorrow. But, on the way, you must not open your mouth."
The tortoise agreed. Accordingly, the swans brought a thin stick. They carried the tortoise high up in the air, with the tortoise hanging on with its teeth.
As the three flew over a city, people in the streets noticed them and shouted,"Look, two swans are carrying some round object between them!"
People collected to see the strange sight, and the noise grew louder.
Hearing the noise, the tortoise became proud. It wanted to say " What is there to be curious about?"
When it opened its mouth to say it, it lost the hold on the stick, fell and died.
(From Culture Course-BVB)
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