Smart and unusual ways to use egg white

Smart and unusual ways to use egg white

Smart and unusual ways to use egg white. There are a number of items in the kitchen that we use every day, but do not care about the leftovers. Egg is one such food item, in case of which either the white or the yolk can go waste.

There are a number of items in the kitchen that we use every day, but do not care about the leftovers. Egg is one such food item, in case of which either the white or the yolk can go waste. Health freaks might not want to consume the yolk, while ardent bakers might have a lot of whites left on hand! We Here are some smart and unusual uses of egg whites.

A new look to your jewellery
Can eggs change the look of your jewellery? Yes they can! Egg whites contain sulphur, which is a great oxidising agent. So, if you are bored of your old silver jewellery or just wish to bring out a design that it has, all you need is egg whites. Place the jewellery you wish to oxidise on boiled whites and cover it with a cling-film for 6-8 hours. Get ready to be amazed at the results!
Cleaning leather accessories
If egg whites are good for your skin, how can they not be good for your leather accessories? The thick and sticky base that the whites have easily removes dirt from your leather shoes, bags, or any leather accessory. Just rub the whites gently on your leather accessory and wipe off with a damp cloth. The protective layer that the whites form also gives a shine to the accessory.
Natural treatment for wrinkles
Egg whites used purely on their own as a face mask help tighten pores and fine lines. They also help get rid of excessive oil and blackheads. All you have to do is whisk 1-2 egg whites and apply on your face in upward motion. Let it dry well, and wash off after 15 minutes.
Treatment for acne
The protein in the egg whites has the ability to absorb excessive oil from the skin. It also has a deep cleansing effect. These properties work together to help prevent acne.
Cure for puffy eyes
Lack of sleep, excessive use of the computer, and stress can cause fatigue that is often reflected by puffy bags under the eyes. Egg whites offer the easiest solution for this! Just apply a thin layer of whisked white under your eyes and wash after 15-20 minutes. Follow this routine every alternate day and see the difference.
Secret for healthy hair
Egg whites are a great way to treat oily hair. They are full of antibacterial enzymes and proteins that help get rid of unnecessary oils. They are an excellent way to give a voluminous and healthy appearance to the hair. All you have to do is beat the egg whites frothy and apply as a hair mask. Leave on for 15 minutes before washing it off.
Delicious desserts
You might be used to adding egg yolks to many recipes, but did you know that the high-protein, low-fat whites can be used in numerous yummy desserts? All you need to do is explore a little and be creative with it.
First aid in the kitchen
If you are clumsy in the kitchen and if cuts and peels are common for you, egg whites can work as a natural band-aid to stop the bleeding. What’s more? The superb proteins will also prevent scarring.
Glue for handicraft
If you are a mom who is usually helping her kids with their craft projects, or if you are into handicraft and papier mache accessories, you need not be worried about not finding glue. Egg whites are sticky and dry easily, and can efficiently double as a glue substitute.
Healthy garden!
Egg whites are not just super healthy for you, but healthy for your plants as well. Mix egg whites and crushed egg shells into the soil in your garden for pest-free and healthy flower beds.
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